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dubai Dubai: Design meets History D1 Dubai Culture Heritage

Dubai: Design meets History

Dubai: Design meets History – Dubai  is rapidly evolving in terms of art and design, becoming the most influential city in the middle east. 

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Dubai is considered to be one of the top design destinations in the world, but it doesn’t stop at its finest hotels and restaurants. If you are a big fan of interior design and architecture, it’s important to visit its amazing museums and galleries for more insights about historical and cultural influences.

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Keep in mind that most of them are hard to find and don’t count on a taxi driver to know the way. Do your research because they are truly interesting and worth visiting. This is our advice if you are going to attend Downtown Design this October or any other major event in the city.

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Al Bastakiya Area

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Al Bastakiya is  one of the oldest residential areas in the city. Its named after the Bastak region of Iran and lies along Dubai Creek including narrow lanes and wind towers. The construction of Al Bastakiya dates back to the 1890’s and it was capable of supporting around 60 housing units.  Every house of Al Bastakiya has a wind tower (barjeel). The number of barjeels indicates the wealth of the owner family. The doors are also related to cultural behaviors for example, the main door of the house is large while the inner door is small and this is because, when men are entering the house, they should bend down not facing women directly. Its culture insights and architecture  make Al Bastakiya a must do for everyone that likes to learn and explore historical references when traveling.

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Dubai Museum

http://bontonholidays.com/upload/July6-2016-1-10pmal_fahidi_fort.jpg dubai Dubai: Design meets History July6 2016 1 10pmal fahidi fort

Opened in 1971 by the ruler, this museum is unique  in its artifacts.  Its goal is to expose the traditional way of life in the Emirate of Dubai. Not only it includes antiquities and artifacts from African and Asian countries, but also, recent discoveries from 3000 B.C. This museum is a real demonstration of the traditional life in Dubai, that consists in life-size dioramas and video rooms with realistic sounds. The expositions are very complete and cover a wide range of historical facts. Furthermore, is surrounded by depictions of desert life.

Carbon 12

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This is a little bit different from the others but Carbon 12 is a great stop for art connoisseurs. Its expositions are mainly devoted to contemporary, international art. Established in 2008, it was the first gallery in the region to initiate a program of institution-grade artists. It promotes both established and emerging artists to the UAE contemporary art scene. With a diverse set of contextual activities like publications and talks, Carbon 12 is very active and engaging to the public and educational institutions.

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