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EquipHotel 2016 Decoration Ideas


EquipHotel 2016 Decoration Ideas – November is the perfect month for a little change around your house and EquipHotel will be there to help! Inviting thousands of interior design experts, this hospitality event will be a one of a kind experience for those who are interested in unique furniture design. 

Let’s start by saying that the exhibitor’s list is simply incredible and I wish I could  be there myself. The event will feature great names of interior design expertise such as CasaDisagne and Coc’art Creations. In an environment where innovation and design mix together in balanced exhibitions, EquipHotel will allow participants to get to know the best of  interior design trends and, for that reason, today My Design Agenda decided to give you some 2016 decoration ideas based on what’s on the event.

EquipHotel 2016 Decoration Ideas

1. Use Colors

EquipHotel 2016 Decoration Ideas

To choose a good color pallet seems like the end of the world sometimes, so our advice is: mix it up. Use neutral backgrounds for your wall coverings and your floor, and you will see that it gets so much easier to decor. At My design agenda we are huge fans of creative and colorful pieces of art like this one from Denantes . Decorative textures like this will literally liven up any space without making it look cheesy. It provides an awesome, fun and stylish look for any space. Don’t be afraid to play around with color, it’s a huge trend right now, you just need to do it the right way.

2. Choose a good sophisticated piece

EquipHotel 2016 Decoration Ideas

The key to make your house look modern and more luxurious is to pick some good sophisticated pieces to balance the space. The good thing about sophisticated pieces is that they match perfectly in any style you have going on. Even if you are a big fan of contemporary or vintage,  a sophisticated design will be able to balance all out, providing a more mature and elegant approach. This one is from Burov and it’s simply amazing.

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3. Lighting is everything

EquipHotel 2016 Decoration Ideas

Lighting design works just like lighting in fashion and photography. A good lighting furniture will be able to bring life and beauty to the space. Personally, I advice you to go bold on the lighting, really. Pick something different that is able to make a statement and stand out from the rest of the elements. It will turn your space much more appealing! This piece from DelightFull is a great example.

4. Minimalism is the best choice

EquipHotel 2016 Decoration Ideas

2016 is the year of minimalism, everyone is wearing black and white again! Do the same for your house, minimalist decorations are one of the biggest trends, if not the biggest, right now. The fight against capitalism ideals that the more the better is the reason why. People are opting for creating spaces with only a few good pieces in order to give the illusion of serenity and simplicity. Try doing it, it will make your house unique, stylish and bigger. Add some nature elements to it like plants and it will be perfect. Alivar gives a great example on how to style minimalist projects.

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At My Design Agenda we look forward to deliver the best interior design news. If you found this article interesting please let us know down below or follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Flipboard.

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