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Top 3 Most Instagrammed London Museums


According to Instagram Data, London Museums have conquered the App Geo Tags this Year

In today’s world of technology and social media, visiting a Museum is not only about admiring art but also about picking up that perfect shot to share with friends and family. Instagram exists to collect memories of the most wonderful moments in our lives and make them look even more remarkable with its design features. London is a pretty fantastic city to shoot, and there is no doubt that tourists numbers continue to grow every year. Last year, for example, London welcomed a record-breaking 31.5 million international and UK tourists. The blame is on major sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup and blockbuster ehibitions at the city’s museums and galleries.

So which London Museums Instagrammers love most?

1- British Museum

Top 3 Most Instagrammed London Museums

Top 3 Most Instagrammed London Museums

Instagram seems to love British Museum‘s greek architecture , classical sculptures and antiquities. The building was completed in 1852 and is designed by Robert Smirk who brought to life the Greek Revival Style. The core of today’s building includes ancient greek columns and pediment at the South Entrance. The museum was built on concrete floor and its frame was made from cast iron and filled in with London stock brick. An impressive architecture.

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Natural History Museum

Top 3 Most Instagrammed London Museums

Top 3 Most Instagrammed London Museums

The beauty of Natural History Museum‘s arches and towers is definitely something to take pictures of.  The museum first opened its doors on 18 April 1881 and it’s considered one of Britain‘s most striking examples of Romanesque architecture, which is considered a work of art on its own right and has become one of London‘s most iconic landmarks.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Top 3 Most Instagrammed London Museums

Top 3 Most Instagrammed London Museums

The origins of the Victoria and Albert Museum  are as complex as the building itself. They date back ultimately to 1836, when a report by a House of Commons Select Committee concluded that the arts were not receiving enough encouragement in Britain and little attention was being paid to the importance of good design. Starting out as a school in the 1800’s, Victoria and Albert Museum is now one of the most stunning buildings in London. The museum has a set of different rooms with a wide range of decorative objects, each one themed individually according to the space itself. Amazing!

Article by: Ana Cardoso

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