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6 Interior Design Trends That Will Shape the Year of 2017


Expect Butterflies and Green Pallets for 2017 Interior Design Trends

While 2016 was all about minimalism and white decorations for home decor, the year of 2017 will be slightly different and more fun, let’s say. Prepare a year full with bright, cheery colors and mixed patterns where texture and bold pallets come together again like its 1988.

The interior design and fashion industry has been showing interest in lively figures that express personality. The designer brand Dolce Gabbana, for example,  for its Spring 2017 runway show, was inspired by beach, exotic patterns on its collection. Pantone has also confirmed that colors that remind us of nature will be a huge design trend for 2017. So what can you expect on 2017 on the interior design industry?

Bright Green

6 Interior Design Trends That Will Shape the Year of 2017

Named the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year “Greenery” is meant to represent refreshment. This color trend will connect us to nature and relaxing green fields. This revitalizing shade will be one of the biggest interior design trends this year and you can expect to see it also in the fashion and commercial design.


6 Interior Design Trends That Will Shape the Year of 2017
Mademoiselle Armoire by Koket

Butterflies are no longer for kids bedrooms only! Butterflies will be extremely popular in 2017 since it’s a symbol of grace and optimism. It will be now used in a variety of spaces with sophisticated accents and fashion clothing lines. This delicate living being when used in furniture design,  can truly provide an elegant, feminine and luxurious touch to any space.

Mixed Patterns 

6 Interior Design Trends That Will Shape the Year of 2017
Deliciosa Bar Stool by Koket

2017 will probably be one of the most creative years in terms of home decor and interior design trends. This trend was first spotted at New York Fashion Week and will appear even more this year. Keep in mind that runaway fashion is usually connected to what’s coming in the interior design industry. Say hello to mix patterns and statement furniture pieces.

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6 Interior Design Trends That Will Shape the Year of 2017
Naomi Chair by Koket

We spend plenty of time staring at flat screens, for that reason, designers are now into enticing customers by engaging them on a textural level. What does this mean? We as human beings need to connect and engage with things. 2017 will be about material manipulation such as pleating and folding in velvet and cottons. Luxury American Brand, Koket has figured it out. 

Blue is the New Black

6 Interior Design Trends That Will Shape the Year of 2017

Another interior design trend that we will have  to leave behind our backs in 2016 is Black. Navy Blue will be preferred alternative to black this year and, to be honest, at My Design Agenda we couldn’t be happier. This stunning color brings a modern twist with a certain traditional feel to any interior design. The navy blue pairs well with any other color and unlike Black, lends mystery  without making the space look and feel small.

2017 will be an interesting year in the interior design industry don’t you think? It’s like we are heading back to the eccentric 80’s with strong patterns and bold colors. A true time travel! Make sure to follow these interior design trends if you want your home to be up to date.

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