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Boca do Lobo Summer House, a Showcases with Unique Furniture Designs


Boca do Lobo proved to be on top of their game when 2020 marked the brand’s 15th-anniversary celebration, and nothing could slow us down. When faced with the adversities of the modern world, we rose to the occasion by premiering several groundbreaking projects, such as the House of Boca do Lobo, while celebrating our 15-year legacy at the same time, through the release of detailed compilations and others materials, that highlighted Boca do Lobo‘s uncanny journey. Continuing with the 15 years celebration theme, it’s now time to unravel another showstopping design project: The Summer House of Boca do Lobo. A trendy architectural house that showcases unique furniture designs, inspiring decorations and much, much more, as the luxury home, will have exciting news every single month!

Unravel The Summer House of Boca do Lobo (1)

This revolutionary concept in an avant-garde architectural masterpiece sets the stage for 15 statement furniture design pieces to be showcased.

Boca do Lobo never shies away from a challenge, so when it was time to reconnect with our audiences, digital was the only way to do so, that’s when we realised that the possibilities were endless.” – says Marco Costa, Boca do Lobo’s CEO & Creative Director. “The Summer House of Boca do Lobo is the trendy space where everyone will want to enjoy a nice drink while admiring these art furniture pieces.”

Unravel The Summer House of Boca do Lobo (2)

For a limited time only, a selection of the most wanted limited edition pieces by Boca do Lobo will be placed in an amazing Gallery Private Exhibition, where the feeling of exclusivity and luxury will reign. Always one to break away from the norm, and in an effort to stay connected with the future of design, this digital platform will allow it’s viewers to explore our coveted pieces, in a gallery-style environment. Our goal is for the viewer to experience our contemporary creations in a real-life setting, that will compliment the pieces’ already unique designs. The pieces showcased will also have some exciting deals, waiting to be discovered.

Unravel The Summer House of Boca do Lobo (5)

Soho Collection Boca do lobo


The precious jewel of the brand, the Diamond Emerald Sideboard, is part of the first exhibition of iconic designs and will certainly reign supreme in any room. Other additions will be a selection of luxury safes, including the Millionaire Silver Luxury Safe, the Diamond Black Luxury Safe and the Boheme Luxury Safe, all of them statement pieces which will leave an everlasting impression in the gallery’s entryway. Representing the art of Portuguese hand-painted-tiles the Heritage Sideboard is also in attendance, presenting a different number of layers, where each one tells a different story.

Unravel The Summer House of Boca do Lobo (6)

Unravel The Summer House of Boca do Lobo (9)

Unravel The Summer House of Boca do Lobo (7)

Unravel The Summer House of Boca do Lobo (8)

Unravel The Summer House of Boca do Lobo (10)

The three-story home‘s ultimate attraction is, however, its’ inventive swimming pool, which is by itself a piece of art that complements the sunset dream vibe of this house. A featured that just couldn’t be ignored in the ultimate summer paradise.

Unravel The Summer House of Boca do Lobo (4)

Unravel The Summer House of Boca do Lobo (3)

Also, be sure to stay stunned on the 15th of each month, because Boca do Lobo will renovate this luxury home with a set of another 15 luxury pieces! That’s right, every month the brand will highlight 15 pieces, and who knows, maybe even release some new ones along the way… The only way of knowing is to check back with us and find out!

Stay tuned for more Boca do Lobo news

Angra Sideboard

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