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Celebrate Design With Boca do Lobo’s New Line


Boca do Lobo

With the debut of the already iconic House of Boca do Lobo, also came exciting new creations, such as a luxurious sideboard. Now it’s time to unravel another exclusive design. Join My Design Agenda and discover the bespoke Grand Piano Filigree.

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Celebrate Design With Boca do Lobo’s New Line

Celebrate Design With Boca do Lobo’s New Line

The bespoke Grand Piano Filigree is the first expression of a new discreet and hyper-luxury service from Boca do Lobo, the Bespoke line. The exclusive service is reserved for the brand’s design enthusiasts craving to satisfy their appetite to create one-of-a-kind pieces that nobody else has. The leading piece is inspired by the most precious craftsmanship technique: Filigree, anchored in classic hand-crafting techniques and eccentric aesthetic.

Celebrate Design With Boca do Lobo’s New Line

Celebrate Design With Boca do Lobo’s New Line

Distinctive, inimitable, and custom-made, this bespoke product is the equivalent of a personalized emotional experiencewhich offer no less than the ultimate in craftsmanship and first-class, calling for clients to work hand in hand with the in-house design team.


The Bespoke Line expresses Boca do Lobo’s expertise and the willingness to keep on the highest standards and fulfill the desire and needs of design experts. A tailored service to convey the most personal and indulgent experience, supported by the finest craftsmanship and the passion for innovation to create singular masterpieces.

A remarkable step for Boca do Lobo which embodies the house state of mind and fearless spirit to craft very personal wishes. The bespoke line of Boca do Lobo becomes a way where each customer can show their identity, passion, distinctiveness.


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