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A Design Guide Of Frankfurt


This is the Design Guide of Frankfurt, the largest city in the German region of Hesse and Germany’s fifth largest city. It’s also the financial capital of Europe and the home of Germany’s largest banks, like Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and DZ Bank! This is the Guide you must follow for your next visit to this amazing city!

Located on the banks of the famous and iconic Reno River, Frankfurt is also known for some of its iconic skyscrapers, like for instance the Commerzbank Tower that serves as the headquarter of the Commerzbank. The Main Tower, the MesseTurn, the Traianon and the EuroTower are other examples of elegant and modern skyscrapers that standout on the modern skyline of the city.

A Design Guide Of Frankfurt

But Frankfurt is much more than a banking and financial city with some amazing skyscrapers. It’s home to one of Europe’s busiest airports and one of the oldest train stations in the Old Continent. No wonder Frankfurt has a strong public transportation service and it’s connected to the entire world through air and land.

A Design Guide Of Frankfurt

In addition to its iconic airport, landmark skyscrapers and historical train station, Frankfurt have also a rich history in terms of historic buildings. We recommend a visit to two of its central buildings: the iconic Frankfurt Cathedral and the ancestral Town Hall.

A Design Guide Of Frankfurt

Next to the Financial Center, we can also find the Zeil Street. Since the 19th century, it has been one of the most famous shopping streets in Germany. This is where you can find the great shops of Frankfurt as well as the Zeil Shopping Center which, faithful to the urban style of the city, features a very modern style.

A Design Guide Of Frankfurt

The city has also a vast offer of art galleries, theaters and museums that are scattered around the Frankfurt area and, if you like classical music, you can’t miss an amazing Opera Concert at the stunning Opera of Frankfurt. If you rather spend your time in touch with nature, then we can recommend a trip to the classic Frankfurt Zoo.

A Design Guide Of Frankfurt

As one of the most central and cultural cities of Germany, Frankfurt is also an important center of design and creativity. The city hosts annually several trade fairs and events that focus on design, like the iconic Light + Building or the more classical Ambiente. They are mainly organized by Messe Frankfurt, the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organizer with its own exhibition grounds in Frankfurt.

A Design Guide Of Frankfurt

The city has also several major design shops that are mainly located at the center of the city. Some of those shops include Purpur, Leptien 3, Hans Frick or the Selected Gallery. All of them will make you feel like you are in dreamland-design.

A Design Guide Of Frankfurt

The city also has a vast offer of hotels and hostels. We can highlight the Le Meridien Frankfurt, the Jumeirah Frankfurt and the Steigenberger Hotel Metropolitan, three of the top five star hotels of Frankfurt!

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