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bdny 2016 Highlights from BDNY 2016 NYC budget
New York City skyline

Highlights from BDNY 2016

Inviting thousands of designers, architects and industry professionals, BDNY 2016 was an environment where the expertise was beyond visible!

bdny 2016 Highlights from BDNY 2016 banner new catalogue covet lounge

BDNY 2016 took place this past 13-14th November in the capital of fashion and culture that is New York City. The Jacob K Javits Center opened doors to this fantastic event that explores the best of the best on the design industry. We have to say that it was a true combination of perspectives and cultures from all over the world, that were reflected in the work of each individual. With names like these, it is definitely an event to keep in the agenda once again for the next year.

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Highlights from BDNY 2016 bdny 2016 Highlights from BDNY 2016  996C5AFD67F1901124C65AE6489A980119172BA856E1EDC852 pimgpsh fullsize distr

So today we decided to bring you our favorite highlights from the event and we have to say: DelightFull and Brabbu. Portuguese brands that stood out for their luxurious lines and creative elements that are combined into unique furniture pieces. Every design lover should at least get to know these brands or follow their work for hospitality design inspirations. We do.

Highlights from BDNY 2016 bdny 2016 Highlights from BDNY 2016  251AC2E18BC857A7F4C9B2328F955196947D0DE6B950D646FF pimgpsh fullsize distr

First of all, they are partners in crime. It’s lovely to see different designers collaborating with each other and create projects with different pieces from different styles.  It’s not an everyday thing to see, but it just makes their work more valuable and reliable. The quality in their furniture is just impossible to believe since they only use the finest selection of materials and textures to create their projects. Something to expect from high-end furniture brands.

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Highlights from BDNY 2016 bdny 2016 Highlights from BDNY 2016  B307AAEF96FCF710858D026BF8E614AC45C829051F0B6D9D1A pimgpsh fullsize distr

They work mainly for hospitality projects and let me tell you they are pretty good at it. Their pieces are versatile and can be fitted in any style: vintage, contemporary, modern, classic…you name it.  In this edition we were stunned with the selection of products they chose. DelightFull for example, brought a little bit from each collection and created a stunning exhibition. Some a little bit more classic, other not so much. And that’s pretty awesome. Their booth was literally capable to light up the whole event.

Highlights from BDNY 2016 bdny 2016 Highlights from BDNY 2016  F1AEED29915BBE1D5906524BA03C849C48CD1EC17E18A26C59 pimgpsh fullsize distr

Brabbu surprised us especially with their selection of sofas and chairs. It’s their expertise we have to say, they do work hard on these pieces but the selection of mirrors and accessories were also something to admire! Overall, the event was very rich in diversity and creativity, giving birth to new perspectives on design and home decor. It was pleasant to see visionaries from all around the world in action and we hope to attend once again next year.

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