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Get To Know Carlo Donati And His Mid-Century Collection


Carlo Donati 

Carlo Donati is an Italian interior design known for his creative ideas and unique design style! Recently, he has created one of his best collections thanks to the help of one of the best European mid-century brands! Join My Design Agenda and discover everything about his newest collection!


Get To Know Carlo Donati And His Mid-Century Collection

Although the Italian studio’s work is mostly focused on projects that highlight the power of fine craftsmanship techniques, they also highlight the beauty of the mid-century modern style. The renowned European brands, Essential Home and DelightFULL were part of this amazing collection.

Get To Know Carlo Donati And His Mid-Century Collection

Whether it is residential design, villa or even commercial projects the Italian design studio has become one of the most renowned experts not only in Italy but also worldwide.  It’s founder, Carlo Donati was born in Zibello (Parma) in 1965 and studied architecture at the Politecnico of Milan where he graduated in 1992.

Get To Know Carlo Donati And His Mid-Century Collection

During his twenties, the Italian designer started working for historic architectural firms in Milan, such as Studio BBPR and Gregotti. A few years later, in 1995, Carlo Donati moved to New York to be the consultant architect of one of the most famous luxury design groups in the world, also known as Versace.

Get To Know Carlo Donati And His Mid-Century Collection

Whether it is a contemporary, mid-century or modern ideasCarlo Donati‘s minimalist approach is always contaminated by chromatic and graphic suggestions in every design project. He believes that the mid-century era was the time where the best design ideas emerged thanks to its elegance and lightness reference points.

“Designing for Essential Home is a challenge I took up with enthusiasm because it gives me the opportunity to work on one of my favorite styles and moods which is the mid-century modern reloaded with new cues and materials”

The Italian designer has grown up surrounded by one of the world’s best craftsmanship cultures, so with this brand-new furniture collection, Carlo Donati could combine two of his many passions: craftsmanship and a modern approach of the mid-century style. This brand new collection with Essential Home and DelightFULL is the perfect opportunity to show his love for craftsmanship and mid-century design inspirations.


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