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Ladies and Gentlemen Studio – An Unforgettable Minimalism


Ladies and Gentlemen Studio should be considered a paradise for minimalist design lovers. Get to know the incredible work of  Dylan Davis & Jean Lea.

If you’re a huge fan of minimalist design , today is your lucky day. In source of inspiration for today’s instagram feed we encountered the unique work of Ladies and Gentlemen Studio and we simply had to share it. L&G is a design studio that operates between Seattle and Brooklyn providing a new perspective on minimalist design with complementary opposites and unexpected balance.

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio - An Unforgettable Minimalism

The studio was founded by Dylan Davis & Jean Lea no longer than 7 years ago, as a breath of fresh air in the furniture industry with a whole new design philosophy that combines minimalism, playful austerity and sophistication. The designers’ adventure spirit allows the creation of unique items that celebrate both materiality and functionality.

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio - An Unforgettable Minimalism

L&G Studio focuses on creating a diverse set of products that range from home decor goods, jewelry, furniture to lighting and beyond. The best part of their work lays within their ability to transform their everyday discoveries and experiences into stunning product designs.

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Ladies and Gentlemen Studio - An Unforgettable Minimalism

Their multifaceted approach to minimalist design is a blend of their resourceful curiosity and ever-evolving set of ideas which results in creative and practical products that favor natural materials like blonde wood, brass and cooper.

“We use a variety of product genres to explore our concepts in different ways, and these ideas serendipitously lead to new directions.” 

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio - An Unforgettable Minimalism

The studio is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn in a quaint industrial neighborhood with a thriving creative design community. For that reason, their motto is to always stay curious and never stop exploring. And we definitely hope so.

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio - An Unforgettable Minimalism

L&G collaborates with artists, designers & businesses of mixed disciplines as another way to further push themselves to learn something new and work together to celebrate the beauty of design. In order to achieve new frames of mind, the designers focus on colors, patterns and textures that are abstracting from nature, architecture and our surroundings. The result? An unforgettable minimalism.

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