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Learn More About Ramy Fischler, the Designer of the Year of M&O

Learn More About Ramy Fischler, the Designer of the Year of M&O


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The organization of Maison et Objet 2018 (M&O) revealed that  Ramy Fischler will be the Designer of The Year of the September Edition of the famous Parisien trade fair show! But who is Ramy Fischler? Let’s find out!

Learn More About Ramy Fischler, the Designer of the Year of M&O

Ramy Fischler is a young and promising Belgian designer based in Paris, who practices eclectic creation. He graduated from the ENSCI-Les Ateliers National School of Industrial Design and he later joined the famous Patrick Jouin’s design agency in 2001. He worked together with Jouin for nearly ten years during which this designer refined his taste for research and innovation, while exploration new design territories, leading many projects from the cultural, gastronomic or prospective universe.
Learn More About Ramy Fischler, the Designer of the Year of M&O
In 2010 he joined the Villa Medici where he initiated, in situ, a reflection on the reception of visitors and artists in the mythical place, and is interested in the history of movers of power. A research that will give birth to several exhibitions in Italy and Paris. Passionate about the distance between history, space and furniture, but also obsessed by meaning, Ramy Fischler founded his own agency, RF Studio, in 2011. In 2012, he designs the furniture and furnishings of the Place de Colombie, a luxury private residence in Paris. In 2014 he is named the artistic director of the second Plénitude P2 campaign for Dom Perignon.
Learn More About Ramy Fischler, the Designer of the Year of M&O
Whether it’s designing a craft object, an exhibition, an industrial product or a virtual interface, it’s still a new opportunity for Ramy Fischler to interfere in a territory, to observe it, to exhaust subject and its possibilities, and to establish a collective synergy, the content and turn of which will count as much as the final result, or even more. According to the designer, “the exchange of ideas, research and experimentation that all innovation requires, as much creators live and evolve as industrialists or scientists who collaborate more and more in their realization”.
Sensitive to the transmission of knowledge, he served as director of diplomas at ENSCI-Les Ateliers for several years, but also as an artist-visiting professor at the Fresnoy-National Studio of Contemporary Arts. In 2016, Ramy Fischler was awarded the Order of Arts and Letters by the Ministry of Culture and Communication as a foreign designer.

Fischler enjoys questioning the value of a function, he follows various steps in his creative process to achieve the final result, including anticipating tomorrow’s behaviors, defining the reason and use of each project and visualizing the environment where a piece would be effective.

Learn More About Ramy Fischler, the Designer of the Year of M&O

His work is heavily influenced by cinema. He practices design in much the same way a director makes a film. Fiction and collaborative work are the twin pillars of his process. His interior design projects for private residences and restaurants regularly give him the opportunity to design furniture. Furthermore, he also creates hybrid objects that illustrate his capacity to blur the boundaries between disciplines.

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