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Maison et Objet Paris: Exploring Agresti Safety Design


Next edition of Maison et Objet Paris counts with the presence of the Italian luxury brand Agresti

Maison et Objet Paris will deliver whatever you may think of in terms of interior design. A 360º product offering market that enables visitors to get in touch with the world’s top designers and design brands from all kinds of categories within a single space. A cozy and friendly experience for those who would like to learn about the industry and see these visionaries in action.

Maison et Objet Paris: Exploring Agresti Safety Design

Something that caught our attention for the next edition is that Maison et Objet Paris has the finest selection of Luxury Furniture Brands. And Southern Europe will be very well represented in this category. Portugal comes strong  with Ana Roque, Boca do Lobo and Maison Valentina participations. Italy has Exteta, Pam and Agresti, the one that we want to explore a little bit more today.

Agresti is a fine example of high-quality Italian Design that for over 60 years has been manufacturing elegant strongboxes, chests, handcrafted furniture and much more. Agresti transmits the values of safety, elegance and refinement. They produce a wide range of products that includes exclusive brass necklaces holders, innovative Swiss mechanisms for automatic watches’ charge, drawers to store jewellery and refined items for cigars and games.

Maison et Objet Paris: Exploring Agresti Safety Design

Agresti selects only the best materials. From metals to leather, crystals to suede, stones to brass, everything is transformed in an environmentally friendly craftsmanship. The brand mainly uses materials that are produced in Italy with the exception of automatic watches’ rotors that come from Switzerland and fine veneers from Africa and USA.

Maison et Objet Paris: Exploring Agresti Safety Design

What makes this brand truly unique is not  their Italian tradition but the design, the functionality and the process of creation. The absence of the safe’s necessary emergency mechanisms, barely lined compartments, the presence of rotors coming from Countries ouside Europe is what most of the market has to offer, and which Agresti stays away from.

This is the reason why Agresti products are born: because the uncomfortable safes located in the basement, the steel blocks hidden in furniture, the banks’ strongboxes will be for you just a memory.

Maison et Objet Paris: Exploring Agresti Safety Design

Each safe is equipped with a biometric recognition opening or touch keyboard, because even single details,  has to be always at the cutting edge. Then, final touch is the anchoring on the walls, that completes a security framework suitable for homes where there is an alarm system. Everything is always carefully hidden within beautiful furniture, specifically produced for precious ambiances.

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Maison et Objet Paris: Exploring Agresti Safety Design

The brand believes that nowadays luxury is considered a monopoly of the big names that have stores all over the world and offer the same lines and collections in every country. Agresti believes that luxury – the real one –  has to be found in those companies that, like them, are able to offer unique products and adapt their work perfectly to the client’s needs.

If you like to find or purchase luxury furniture, you can try checking out Treniq.

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