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Mexico City Design Guide

Mexico City Design Guide


Do you want to know what is the best time to visit Mexico City? We have got the answer for you. Visit the amazing design city between March 9th and 12th. You will have the chance to explore MEXTROPOLI 2019, the Mexican Design and Architecture Festival! Don’t risk missing anything during your stay, read and discover more on our Mexico City Design Guide!

Mexico City Design Guide



Destrito Capital

First on our Mexico City Design Guide is the incredible Destrito Capital. Surprising interiors, dazzling panoramic views and double-height ceilings are a few of the eye-catching highlights of Distrito Capital. Located in the highest area of Mexico City –the skyscraper district of Santa Fe– this hotel is a statement to how cool Mexico’s capital has become in recent years.

Mexico City Design GuideMexico City Design Guide


Habita is Mexico City’s spin on a contemporary design lifestyle hotel. Located in the Polanco district, a fashionable neighbourhood of tree lined boulevards, trendy restaurants and chic shopping; one can enjoy culture in the heart of the city’s business center. The completely remodelled 1950’s building has a completely new identity, that brings in light and space with the addition of a “wrapper” of frosted glass.

Mexico City Design Guide

Downtown Mexico

Blending Coloniam 17th cenuty grandeur with a raw industrial edge, Downtown integrates local indigenous culture into its concept while celebrating its location in the Centro Historico borough of Mexico City. Known as the “Palacio de los Condes de Miravalle”, it sits comfortably next to other colonial landmarks on the cobbled streets of the unesco world heritage site.

Mexico City Design Guide



Following on our Mexico City Design Guide is design restaurants! And Mexico City has a lot to offer in the food isle! Enrique Olvera opened Pujol in Mexico City in 2000. His cooking is always changing; it draws ideas from everywhere, always reinterpreting and evolving, but with the roots in Mexican ingredients and techniques of all times.

Mexico City Design Guide

Tetetlan at Luis Barragan House and Studio

Casa Luis Barragán, built in 1948, represents one of the most internationally transcendent works of contemporary architecture, as acknowledged by the UNESCO when included in their 2004 World Heritage list. It is the only individual property in Latin America to have achieved such a distinct honor, being — as stated by the UNESCO itself — a master piece in the development of the modern movement that merges traditional and vernacular elements, as well as diverse philosophical and artistic currents throughout time, into a new synthesis.

Mexico City Design Guide

Mexico City Design Guide

Luis Barragán’s influence in global architecture is still in constant growth; and his house, faithfully kept just the way it was when inhabited by its author until his death in 1988, is one of the most visited sites in Mexico City by architects and art connoisseurs from around the world. This museum, which encloses its creator’s residency and studio, is property of the Government of the State of Jalisco and the Fundación de Arquitectura Tapatía Luis Barragán.

Mexico City Design Guide

Azul Historico

The best of Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita’s restaurants in Mexico. Azul Histórico is located in the Downtown México hotel and retail complex in the Centro Histórico neighborhood. The setting is dictated by the 17th-century building, surrounded by trees draped with lights. The restaurant is a favorite among locals, who make reservations here for special celebrations and business meetings. But it’s a popular choice for tourists too.

Mexico City Design Guide

Mexico City Design Guide


La Metropolitana

Don’t want to regret not bringing back a souvenir from this amazing design city? Don’t forget to explore the local design offer! First on our Mexico City Design Guide’s Where to Shop section is La Metropolitana. Created in 2008 in Mexico City, it has devoted its research since then to develop creative and productive skills. This has allowed La Metropolitana to undertake projects of diverse scales.

Mexico City Design Guide

From public works such as museums and squares, restaurants and theatrical sets, to accessories, graphics and furniture. This last branch of its practice is one of its main concerns. With a team of 60 professionals, it has become a source of progress, constructive culture and economy, through the manufacture and design of high quality furniture. Its processes link craft expertise with highly skilled labor using state of the art technology.


Founded by Maggie Galton from New York and María Eladia, Mexican. What they have in common? Their vision and passion for the cultural heritage of Mexico. Onora is an artesanal brand developed also through 15 years of collaboration with other artisanal talents. The objective is to create the best textiles and accessories for interiors. As well as to find the perfect balance between tradition and new trends.

Mexico City Design Guide

Studio davidpompa

Studio davidpompa creates unique objects with a strong commitment to honest materials and craftmanship. Founded in 2013 in the heart of Mexico City, having the showroom and production located in la Roma Norte neighborhood. They are on a constant journey to discover new parts of Mexican culture.

Mexico City Design Guide

They’re work merges the essence of materials with bold and characterful aesthetics. The collection is shaped by elegant forms, unique pieces with a timeless visual language. Their commitment is to create objects with quality, both beautifully crafted and accessible to our audience worldwide.

Mexico City Design Guide


Museo Jumex

Would this be a true Mexico City Design Guide if we had not included the Jumex? Through its exhibitions and public programs, Museo Jumex aspires to become a relevant institution in the field of art. This is achieved through the production (and co-production with other institutions) of exhibitions and research projects that bring contemporary art practices closer to diverse audiences.

Mexico City Design Guide

Museo Frida Kahlo, Blue House

As one explores Frida Kahlo’s work more deeply and enjoys the privilege of getting to know her home, one begins to discover the intense interrelations between Frida, her work, and her house. Her creative universe is to be found in the Blue House, the place where she was born and where she died. Following her marriage to Diego Rivera, Frida lived in different places in Mexico City and abroad, but she always returned to her family home in Coyoacán.

Mexico City Design Guide
Located in one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods in Mexico City, the Blue House was made into a museum in 1958, four years after the death of the painter. Today it is one of the most popular museums in the Mexican capital. Popularly known as the Casa Azul (the ‘Blue House’), the Museo Frida Kahlo preserves the personal objects that reveal the private universe of Latin America’s most celebrated woman artist.

So, will you be visiting Mexico City and MEXTROPOLI 2019? Did you find this Mexico City Design Guide useful?

Mexico City Design Guide

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