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50 Must-Have Luxury Furniture Pieces Going For 50% Off And More!

50 Must-Have Luxury Furniture Pieces Going For 50% Off And More!


If you are looking for some luxury furniture pieces for a bargain, then you must keep reading this article. You’ll  be interested to know that the Covet Group is promoting a grand Covet Longe Outlet with several high-end quality luxury furniture pieces for 50% or more of that only have minor defects. Let us show you 50 spectacular luxury furniture pieces you can buy for a complete steal and that will look wonderful in your home or even in your business space.

[huge_it_gallery id=”8″]

Dining Tables – What makes for the perfect examples of wow luxury furniture pieces for your house? Glamorous dining tables. You’ll be glad to know that there are several dining tables available in the Covet Outlet. Let’s start with luxury brand Essential Home that has two tables for sale. The first one it’s the Wormley Dining Table. This is a convoluted piece with some amazing details that are 60% off. The same discount is offered for the sublime Winchester Dining Table, whose triangular shaped base adds a sublime dramatic twist that contrasts with the round countertop made of smoked glass.

[huge_it_gallery id=”9″]

Side Tables – Regarding side tables, Boca do Lobo has several luxury furniture pieces of this category in the Covet Outlet for your delight. One of them it’s the opulent Eden Side Table, that’s available in nine different sizes and colours. In this way, you can choose the Eden Side Table that best adaptable to your existent room décor. Another opulent example it’s the polished and stylish Monet Side Table, that’s available in gold and in platinum. For a more mid-century modern style, we have Essential Home that as also several pieces available on this Covet Outlet. One of them it’s the Craig Side Table, a round end table that has a stylishly polished brass structure that’s so elegant that fits perfectly in any dining or living room.

[huge_it_gallery id=”10″]

If you are interested in out-of-the-box luxury furniture pieces, then you should take a look at this extravagant Newton Side Table. It’s unique design it’s a pure masterpiece and you can have it for half price! For a more clean and elegant look, you may wanna take into consideration the Husdon Side Table, the Shield Side Table, the Sullivan Side Table or the Pearl Side Table.They are all from Boca do Lobo and they are all available in the Covet Outlet!

[huge_it_gallery id=”13″]

You can also find some intriguing side tables in the Covet Outlet by luxury furniture pieces thinker and quality design brand Brabbu. One of those luxury furniture pieces it’s the elegant Luray Side Table that’s 60% off. The wood, glass, and brass finishes of this piece make her the perfect complement to any modern home decor. The same goes for the wonderful Bryce Side Table and the classy Cay Side Table, two amazing side tables that combine black and gold in a spectacular way. These side tables are glamorous examples of luxury furniture pieces.

[huge_it_gallery id=”11″]

With her reduced shapes and clean lines, the Konstantin Side Table is another perfect fit for any living room thanks to her refinement and modernity. To end our tour of available side tables at the Covet Outlet let us show you the elegant Botti Side Table. This amazing piece it’s available in gold and copper and can create the perfect simple but opulent environment for your house. Another example ‘s the Vinicius Side Table with black & white finishes. All great examples of luxury furniture pieces.

[huge_it_gallery id=”12″]

Coffee and Center Tables – In terms of Coffee and Center Tables, Brabbu has some luxury furniture pieces available, namely the stunning Koi Center Table, a piece that it’s inspired by the elegance of the Koi carp. This piece ‘s 60% off. The same discount of the stunning Lallan Center Table. In this category, Boca do Lobo has to offer two amazing center tables: the Lapiaz Center Table and the  Monet Center Table. The pieces available have minor defects like all the others but are worth a look.

[huge_it_gallery id=”14″]

The offers of Essential Home include the stunning Dolly Coffe Table, a mid-century bistro table, inspired by the French style that was very popular during the 1920’s. If you have a private bar, then you should take a look at the Janis Bar Table. A support table for your bar that looks great in any house. Finally take a look at the Konstantin Center Table, a low center table produced with a distinctive brown smoked glass top and a brass trim, and the Lautner Center Table, a coffee table that stands out for its curved edges, mixing earth-tone colors from the varnished walnut wood and polished brass.

[huge_it_gallery id=”15″]

Consoles – In terms of consoles, Brabbu has to offer The Kyan Console, a piece that’s inspired by the incredible Beijing’ skyline and that’s 50% off. For 60% off you have the Ardara Modern Console, a piece with finishes in gold leaf and with a gloss varnish. As for Essential Home, you have the opportunity to buy the Craig Console.

[huge_it_gallery id=”16″]

From Boca do Lobo we have the enchanted Trinity Console, a retro-chic piece that’s simply amazing and that’s available with wood and silver finishes. The elegant Infinity Console, the sophisticated Lapiaz Console, and the opulent Soho Console are also available at Covet Outlet. As you can see seven luxury furniture pieces for your house.

[huge_it_gallery id=”17″]

Upholstery – Within the upholstery products, we must highlight the sublime Oreas Single Sofa by Brabbu. This wonderful piece honors the natural diversity and the different shapes and tones of the mountains. A sublime mini sofa you’ll fall in love with. Within Brabbu’s upholstery products you may want to take a look at the elegant Maya Armchair or the classy Tellus Armchair.

[huge_it_gallery id=”18″]

As for Essential Home, this mid-century modern luxury brand has to offer a large range of upholstery floor sample furniture at Covet Outlet, like the elegant Collins Dining Chair, that’s 50% off and that has that retro-chic feel of the brand. If you have a private bar, you can’t miss the opportunity to buy the classy Kelly Bar Chair. Why not take advantage of the Covet Outlet to buy the iconic Mansfield Chair, one of the ultimate mid-century modern masterpieces of Essential Home that combines the velvet retro touch with the 60’s sleek lines. These are all amazing luxury furniture pieces.

[huge_it_gallery id=”20″]

Lighting – Any house need a stunning lighting piece. If you are looking for those amazing luxury furniture pieces within the lighting category, then you should pay attention to what luxury lighting brand Delightfull has to offer at the Covet Outlet. One of the floor sample furniture pieces available it’s the Duke Contemporary Suspension Lamp. In terms of suspension lighting fixture, Delightfull has also available the extravagant Kravitz Suspension Lamp and the powerful Brubeck Suspension Lamp. As for lighting fixtures for the floor, Delightfull has to offer the elegant Coltrane Standing Lamp, one of the best-sellers of this luxury brand. Take also notice at the Ivete Palmtree Floor Lamp by Essential Home. This is one elegant and unique light fixture that mimics a palm tree. For a just as elegant piece take a look at the Niku Floor Lamp of Brabbu.

[huge_it_gallery id=”21″]

If you are looking for a light piece for your wall, then check out the minimalistic Hendrix Wall Lamp of Delightfull. For a more extravagant wall lamp check out the Supernova Sconce by Boca do Lobo. If you are looking for a table lamp, then I advise you to take a look at the charming Miles Table Lamp of Delightfull, a great piece within the luxury furniture pieces.

[huge_it_gallery id=”19″]

Mirrors – We couldn’t talk about luxury furniture pieces without talking about Mirrors. Boca do Lobo and Brabbu have some elegant floor sample pieces that you can use in your house. The biggest example it’s probably the Venetto Mirror of Boca do Lobo. This Venitian Style Mirror it’s the perfect example of elegance and opulence, but so it’s the Venice Mirror that’s also available at Couvet Outlet. As for Brabbu, you may be interested in the classy Kaamos Mirror.

50 Must-Have Luxury Furniture Pieces Going For 50% Off And More!


You should take in consideration that all the luxury furniture pieces we’ve shown here are only examples of the final products available at Couvet Outlet. All the products of Covet Outlet are floor sample pieces of furniture and have imperfections. Finishes may also vary. The individual condition of each item will be noted. Quantities are limited, and all sales of luxury furniture pieces are final.

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