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Have you forgotten about the next art & design event hosted by one of the most loved cities in the world? You are still in time if you want to participate at the PAD Paris 2019 event – from 3rd to 7th April – at the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris (of course!). This year there is a really strong hype about the chosen theme, Primitive Art and its artistic manifestations through the diverse and unique capabilities and choices of the fair’s participants. Not only artists, curators, interior designers, and professionals will converge there to expose their pieces and works, but also it will be a perfect opportunity to understand how 20th and 21st-century decorative art can express itself and the method and people behind it. Are you ready to read all about PAD PARIS 2019 BEST GALLERIES? Let’s begin!

exhibitors of PAD Paris 2019 Best Galleries




20TH Century Design (France) – Stand Number 59

chahan gallery of PAD Paris 2019 Best Galleries

Chahan Gallery is the special creation of Chahan Minassian, an Armenian interior designer, collector, antique dealer, and collector. The French influences and multicultural activities make him one of the most precise and acute professionals of his field. He is renowned for his “chahanian style”, a philosophy based on a historical and timeless aesthetic that converge in his collections. His signature style is based on the contrast existing between a 20th century setting and the furniture between the 30s and the 60s that he loves to place. One of the most awaited PAD PARIS 2019 BEST GALLERIES, for sure!

chahan gallery of PAD Paris 2019 Best Galleries


Contemporary Design (France) – Stand Number 22

pierre augustine rose of PAD Paris 2019 Best Galleries

Pierre Augustine Rose is an association of three art dealers (Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze and Nina Rose). Their common taste and similar vision were the base on which was founded their partnership: the love for a modern approach, always keeping in mind the finer craftsmanship and personal styles. Their choices are influenced by the big names of the XXth centuryPicasso, Bahuas movement and mid-century French decorators – and their chameleonic style has a wide range of opportunity, from minimalistic settings to more eccentric ones.

pierre augustine rose of PAD Paris 2019 Best Galleries


20th Century Design (France) – Stand Number 50

jacques lacoste gallery of PAD Paris 2019 Best Galleries

The Jacques Lacoste gallery put at the center of his discourse research and memory: part of his success is due to his ability to highlight the work of French interior designer Jean Royère, known for his bright and colorful pieces. Through “period room” and exhibitions, his gallery manages to give emphasis to various artists: from Max Ingrand, the best glass maker of the XXth century, to the designer Alexandre Noll and his mastery in making beautiful and unique wood artifacts. A must go-to gallery from our PAD PARIS 2019 BEST GALLERIES!

Jacques Lacoste gallery of PAD Paris 2019 Best Galleries


20th Century Design (France) – Stand Number 44

gallerie alexander guillemain of PAD Paris 2019 Best Galleries

Mid-century design and decorative art are the hearth of the Galerie Alexandre Guillemain. Its diversified purpose tries to emphasize the work of various artists and designers, in three different curated sections: Mid-century modern American furniture; French and Italian lighting from 1950 to 1970; French ceramics from 1950 to 1960. At PAD Paris 2019 the gallery will do an exhibition giving attention to many authors, such as George Nakashima, Carlo Bugatti, Alexander Calder, Vladimir Kagan, Nanda Vigo, Véra Szekely, and many others.

gallerie alexandre guillemain of PAD Paris 2019 Best Galleries


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