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Presenting the Style of Vincent Darré


Today and in anticipation of the Paris Design Week, My Design Agenda decided to showcase the work of Vincent Darré, a trendy French designer with some of the best interior design projects we have ever seen.

Presenting the Style of Vincent Darré

Starting out in the world of fashion design, Darré didn’t enjoy such creative exuberance. He studied at the city’s prestigious Studio Berçot, but spent much of his time at the Palace nightclub.

Presenting the Style of Vincent Darré

His inspiration first comes from Fashion where he has successively worked at Yves Saint Laurent, Montana, Prada, Fendi, Chloé, Moschino… a career that he leaves in 2008 to dedicate his artistic vein to the creation of furniture and decorative objects. No matter the medium, Darré approaches his work with a unique blend of humor and poetry.

Presenting the Style of Vincent Darré

He began his career by presenting a baptised Ossobucco collection consisting of chairs with back invertebrates and tables with foots in the shape of a femur. What followed was the Dalí water collection with octopus walls and hairdresser! After that, well it came the exquisite cadavers collection … Around the contemporary design where we want the elegant sobriety, Vincent Darré cultivates poetry, humor, festivity.

Presenting the Style of Vincent Darré

Darré brims with the nervous energy of a hummingbird, which likely fuels his prodigious creative output. In addition to designing furniture, he’s created a collection of textiles for the venerable French fabric house Pierre Frey, decorated trendy nightclubs like Le Baron in New York and designed residential interiors in Paris.

Presenting the Style of Vincent Darré

Darré casually mixes his own designs with flea-market finds; for example, he bought a couch at discount because a prince allegedly was assassinated on it. Darré, who has described himself as ‘‘an anarchist of good taste,’’ was known for his impromptu costumes made from plastic and safety pins in his past and, currently, he is producing some stunning design work. The future belongs to him for sure.

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