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rotterdam city guide

Rotterdam City Guide


Are you headed somewhere design-worthy? Maybe OBJECT Rotterdam 2019? Here we are providing you with the ultimate Rotterdam City Guide just for the occasion! Read more and discover all there is to see, do, buy and eat in this amazing Design city. But first, here are some general and interesting information about Rotterdam, and why you should be heading there for OBJECT Rotterdam 2019.

rotterdam city guide



Rotterdam is the Netherlands’ second city and has a very different vibe and personality from its bigger sister Amsterdam. It could be said in fact that Rotterdam suffers a bit from the “second city syndrome”: it often gets overshadowed by its bigger sibling. But each of the two cities has distinctly positive attributes and are as said quite different. Rotterdam, heavily bombed in World War II, has been rebuilt as a strikingly modern city full of experimental architecture and cutting-edge design with a dynamic scene of anything related to shopping, art and food-and-drink. And this is what you will discover by reading this Rotterdam City Guide!

rotterdam city guide


Hotel New York

Hotel New York is situated in the former head office of the Holland Amerika Line on the ‘Kop van Zuid’ in Rotterdam. From here, thousands of emigrants left for North America, hoping for a better life. Nowadays, people come here to sleep, eat, drink, marry, meet and celebrate. As soon as you enter the building, you can feel it; this is where it all happened. The sense of nostalgia is everywhere and their suites are outfitted with the famous delftware and matching wallpaper.

rotterdam city guide

Hotel Bazar

But if you’d rather stay in the center of the action, Hotel Bazar on Witte de Withstraat is the place to go—its rooms are brightly decorated in Asian-, African-, and South American–inspired aesthetics, each one different. It is probably one of the most original hotels in Rotterdam. The hotel is located in the centre of Rotterdam and because of its unique character very suited for small grrotterdam city guideoups looking to visit one of Rotterdam’s many cultural festivals. Of course individual travelers are more than welcome to come and taste the atmosphere.



FG Food Labs

The buzziest table in town is at FG Food Labs (one Michelin star) is an attraction within an attraction, an impressive railway tunnel under the Rotterdam Hofbogen. Whether as a stopover (lunch) or as your final destination (dinner), this is one gastronomic journey you’ll always remember! The prix fixe dinner gives you a chance to try up to nine courses. Dishes change based on available produce; look for Dutch- and Mediterranean-influenced bites like tomato-and-sardine toast, all paired with fine Chinese and Indian teas so fancy they get their own menu.

rotterdam city guide

Fenix Food Factory

With a love for food and craft these entrepreneurs found each other in 2014 in the streets of Rotterdam. A passion was shared, a plan was made and a dream was realised in an old port warehouse on Katendrecht. Under the name Fenix Food Factory these entrepreneurs offer Rotterdam a culinary hotbed; a place to go shopping, learn how products are made and to experience craftmanship. Closed on Mondays only! So time enough to come again!

Hopper Coffee

Rotterdam’s coolest coffee shop Hopper Coffee has good coffee, good cakes and good Instagram worthy decor. Provided with a real ‘floor’ oven to bake their daily bread, one like they use in France. As well as a Giesen coffee roaster, to roast the beans. They make it themselves, know what’s in it and know it’s good! Hopper has grown to be a self-sufficient and independent company.

rotterdam city guide

Cafe Loos

Opened in 1988 and located in the monumental Atlantic house, one of Rotterdam’s finest and most famous spots is the terrace of Cafe Loos. Head here for a drink after wandering around Veerhaven or Het Park. The great food and the effortlessly chic and refined Parisian interior design make this a must for this Rotterdam City Guide.



The high-end Dutch brand Moooi is carried at posh furniture and housewares store Depot—look for elegant pendant lamps, sleek couches, and minimalist storage shelves.

rotterdam city guide


If you wish to stay away from the busy city centre of Rotterdam, and venture instead in more unknown but charming territory, head over to Oldenbarneveltstraat. This street has more independent and unusual boutiques and shops.


Founded in 2013, Groos set out to fill a gap between designer and consumer and to create a space where a selection of great products could be displayed and bought. The aim is to showcase the multidisciplinary talent which exists within this evolving city. Four years later we’ve grown from an idea to a high-end design shop. Groos only sells products made by people who are currently living in Rotterdam.

rotterdam city guide


Architecture: Cubed Houses and Euromast

Cube houses are a set of innovative houses built in Rotterdam and Helmond in the Netherlands, designed by architect Piet Blom and based on the concept of “living as an urban roof”. His design represents a village within a city, where each house represents a tree, and all the houses together, a forest. The central idea of the cube houses around the world is mainly optimizing the space, as a house, to a better distribution of the rooms inside.

rotterdam city guide

The Euromast was built in 1960 by architect H.A. Maaskant and contractor J.P. van Eesteren to mark the occasion of the very first edition of the Floriade, the international flower and garden exhibition, taking place in Rotterdam. In 2004 the Euromast underwent a total transformation and everything but the view was to be renewed. The restaurant was given the allure of an inviting brasserie with a new, contemporary interior (designed by Jan des Bouvrie) and an international menu.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

One of the most visited museums in the Netherlands and one of the best contemporary art museums in the world, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is an art museum in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It is located at the Museumpark in the district Rotterdam Centrum, close to the Kunsthal and the Natural History Museum. The museum opened in 1849. It houses the collections ranging from medieval to contemporary art. As well as works of Rembrandt, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Salvador Dalí.

rotterdam city guide

WORM Rotterdam

Based in the centre of Rotterdam, on the Witte de Withstraat. WORM is a venue, archives and studios built with recycled materials Their systems are energy efficient and they provide organic food and drink. You can dance on sandblasted desktops, watch films sitting in discarded airplane seats, or order a Gulpener beer at a bar made from rusty factory doors.

rotterdam city guide

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