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Studio Arhitektura doo Restores Apartment at Ljubljana Towers


Apartment at Ljubljana Towers renewed by slovenian studio Arhitektura doo features stainless-steel minimalist design

Slovenian studio Arhitektura doo is a family design firm that combines the experience and ideas of two different generations to achieve one only goal – developing great architecture projects. In a common cultural belief, the designers accept that architecture is both rational and poetic therefore is something that looks for an aesthetic justification.

Recently the studio renewed a small apartment at the Ljubljana towers , a building designed by the modern architect Edvard Ravnikar in the 1960s, which was in a very poor condition.

Studio Arhitektura doo Restores Apartment at Ljubljana Towers

Named as Life After Madrid, the interior design project features now a minimalist design with white walls and doors, stainless-steel worktops and tables and wooden herringbone flooring. Before the redesign the apartment remained untouched after half a century.

Studio Arhitektura doo Restores Apartment at Ljubljana Towers

According to the designers, this actually turned to be an advantage for this project since it allowed to see the authentic state of the room. In the end they even opt to preserve the basic floor plan of the 50-meter-square apartment, which connects all surrounding living spaces to the central meeting.

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Studio Arhitektura doo Restores Apartment at Ljubljana Towers

Original furniture items by Edvard Ravnikar were also restored and highlighted, including unique cast iron vertical radiators, a herringbone oak parquet and a wide terrazzo shelf.

The modernist Ljubljana towers were constructed to create a contrast to the city’s existing architecture, which was mostly medieval, baroque and neo-classical. According to studio Arhitektura doo , they saw this as an inspiration for the apartment’s interior design, wanting to emphasize similar contrasts in its refurbishment.

Studio Arhitektura doo Restores Apartment at Ljubljana Towers

In order to do that, the designers combined a relaxed approach driven by strict minimalism, using clean white walls and built-in wardrobes.

At the same time, they wanted to introduce energy into the space just like the city’s famed counter cultural movement, La Movida Madrileña.

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Studio Arhitektura doo Restores Apartment at Ljubljana Towers

Designers Gabrijelčič and Todorovič paid particular attention to the kitchen, which is decorated almost entirely in stainless steel. “Its design derives from a contradiction between an idea of what is homely, and what is considered unsuitable for indoor family living.”

Storage spaces and utilities are built into the walls between the bathroom, bedroom and hallway, creating open and light surroundings in the living spaces that are consistent with the original design of Ravnikar.

Source: Dezeen

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