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Surprise your Kids with Circu’s Gravity-Defying Playroom Furniture


Circu has officially done it again. Adding up to their already iconic repertoire of children’s playroom furniture, the brand new Illusion series offers an extremely refined yet also very fun way of bringing your children off their TV screens and back into the long-gone days of arts-and-crafts, quality time and good, old-fashion fun.

As a result of the translucid acrylic legs in these luxury playroom stools, chairs and  tables, this cutting-edge line gets its name from the first-sight optical illusion one gets, almost as if it were literally hovering mid-air!

Surprise Your Kids With Circu’s Gravity-Defying Playroom Furniture

The transparent silhouettes not only bestow the entire room with a globally lighter, easy on the eye landscape, they also ensure nearly flawless cadence when combined with practically any color rug or surrounding furniture. It visibly works particularly well with light and pastel tones, such as when accompanied by Circu’s Cloud Lamps and Magical Mirror. Check out the concept below:

Surprise Your Kids With Circu’s Gravity-Defying Playroom Furniture

Atop the chairs and stools, Illusion brands a fashion-forward, comfort-abiding line of faux fur seats. Needless to say, the flotation effect only goes to emphasize the flawless aesthetics behind the creation of these seats. Their color patterns come not in one, but three different animal fur prints – leopard, polar bear and wolf. In that same order:

Surprise Your Kids With Circu’s Gravity-Defying Playroom FurnitureSurprise Your Kids With Circu’s Gravity-Defying Playroom Furniture

Thought that was it? Think again. The novelty within the novelty, what children are sure to love about this – the top of this playroom table is fully furnished  in none other than chalkboard material! Its entire surface can be drawn on.  See for yourself, before and after:

Even study-time can’t possibly get boring – no more blue notes on white paper, just colorful figures all over the table!

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