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Art, Nature And Precious Textures With Missoni Home 


Missoni Home

In the multi-faceted Missoni House, evocative magic is perfectly balanced between design, colors and precious textures. The vibrant choreographies of fabrics are inspired by art and nature. The versatile eclecticism with infinite variables takes in any season and any environment with fascinating and dreamlike stories.


Stories, with all their elements, project an atmosphere to be tuned at will in the most unexpected and pre-existing contexts, be it urban sophisticated or country chic, a haven between sea and mountain, or wherever one wishes a corner of strong magnetism. Join My Design Agenda and get a deeper connection with nature with Missoni Home’s new collection.


Art, Nature And Precious Textures With Missoni Home 

Abstract vivacity, floral and iconic. Bright tones, fresh, light-reflecting or softened. The dream takes shape in faded and contrasted symphonies, in refined textures, in impressionist-style bouquets and in the harmony of pastel geometries. On cozy sofas and vibrant tone chaise-longue armchairs, while waiting for the sunset, everything suggests relaxation. Inside the house, a subtle puzzle of changeable bold and ductile textures, in varied and velvety jacquards. Wrap yourself in fluid linen towels or, just like the ritual of a spa, in soft velour towels and transform the bedroom into a welcoming haven with a game of evanescent lines, evocative of clouds.


Art, Nature And Precious Textures With Missoni Home 

Under the sun, escape among sea breezes and boundless vistas. The magic of coolness is discovered on the shady side of neutral tones. Shielded by tropical shadows, the blue of the sky and the sea, the link between indoor and outdoor spaces becomes nature. Sheltered from the wind, padded chaise longues and island sofas decorate terraces. In the surreal garden, framed by succulents, joyful stripes are found on relaxing accessories. Velour towels in the colors of cliffs and corals. Alongside, an exotic philodendron leaf, the protagonist, its outline, bleached by the sun brightens up waterproof fabrics, beach towels and an unusual 3D rug inlaid with deep ocean blue.


Art, Nature And Precious Textures With Missoni Home 

Delicate and mysterious camouflages, memories of distant lands. Against a surrealistic Dalì backdrop, pictorial suggestions have tones warmed by the sun or cooled by the shadow. The mood is a play of encounters of earth-water-mud and mirrors of light. Amber and parched surfaces, between reliefs and veins, give the iconic signs and geometries a soft, grainy texture in sophisticated shades. A re-interpretation of the Argyll pattern alongside landscape tableaux with precious nuances and traces of metallic dust and lattices. On armchairs and mirrors, iridescent reflections of the sunset form sophisticated geometries and flames for a design imprint. Lightly decorating the bedroom is changing tones of shadow and light.


Art, Nature And Precious Textures With Missoni Home 

This essential style interacts with the spirit and essence of its setting, a deliberately natural and rustic environment. Hiding between wood and stones, mimicry and textural effects blend discreetly, the colors are inspired by bark, lichens, pine cones, and roots. Touches of rust and yellow resin are found in the hint of a shadow. In the mix; an unusual tartan pattern with graded patches, a disciplined regimental stripe and white diamonds on a charcoal background. The forest motifs are musky and velvety and traditional style wool blankets have a modern twist. To preserve this pure and engaging the atmosphere, the identity is strong and the furnishings few, even the upholstered armchair with curved walnut armrests belong in this choreography of sophisticated simplicity.


Durable beauty. The lights of dawn and dusk, rekindle and awaken memories. The house is a stage where the furniture acquires a surreal charm and cozy seats become paintings, just a touch in proportion to space. The fabrics add suggestions with their vibrant texture, they are artistic works and kaleidoscopic prints are found in whispered tones. From the canvas of a landscape designer are neutral choreographies of natural sceneries. These palettes, rich in appeal, personalize every environment, covering sofas, armchairs, cushions, and figurative rugs. Outdoors, the extremes of the most energetic vibrations to non-color shades meet. The bedroom gets a new nonchalance with the creativity of the addition of living room elements.


This joyful ensemble, with a strong lifeline, creates a vision of an urban and contemporary landscape influenced by a vigorous artistic connotation. Contrasted and supported by a palette of black and white; graphic patterns, sketches, and dashes interlay in full and vivid colors alongside drawings in 3D relief with emphasized perspectives. A dynamic labyrinth of tones and textures gives rhythm to the elegance of design shapes; the essential modular seating, screens and panels, scenographic rug and countless cushions. The dialogue between the interior spaces of each corner is communicated in the atmosphere of the exchange of elements and a fluid interlocking game of color concept; elementary and provocative tones coexist with multiple and abstract shades. Each room has its own dynamic and every corner reveals a surprise.


What do you think about Missoni Home’s Collection? Feel free to comment and share!





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