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How to Embrace Bold Prints and Colour in Your Home


It can be easy to declare yourself a sceptic of bold colour and print, favouring instead the safe and secure realms of an unambitious interior design. But today we’re here to change that by telling you not to be afraid of making a statement, offering up some actionable tips and tricks on embracing bold prints and colours into your home interior this summer season.

How to Embrace Bold Prints and Colour in Your Home

Be consistent with colours

The use of bold colours and prints in a space is always ambitious, so knowing how to avoid being too over the top is key.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to work with colours within the same tonal family, enabling you to emphasise a striking colour choice without the sensory overload of stark contrast. Pick a bold colour and use that as your foundation, adding discreet touches of a tonally similar shade to cleverly accent the colour where needed.

A bold pallette does most of the talking on its own, meaning you can afford to be minimalist with the rest of your design approach – after all, a packed interior with a striking colour scheme can quickly become overwhelming. As such, look to utilise room features and furniture as a means of rounding off a bold interior approach. For example, multi-functional ottoman storage beds provide a stylish interior feature while supplying additional hidden storage space, enabling you to keep a space uncluttered at all points. Pair this with a rug for added texture and you’ll have a complete interior that successfully pulls off a bold, consistent colour approach without being overpowering.

Know when and where to add print

When done correctly, utilising print in your interior design approach is a unique and stylish way to add a refined ‘wow factor’ to any space. Knowing exactly when are where to do it, therefore, is a must.

Prints are real interior statements, so they’re perfect in areas where you want to make a strong impression. Open-plan areas with natural lighting tend to work best, as they provide a greater sense of space and subsequently avoid the feeling of clutter – so look to utilise prints in larger living rooms in particular. Consistency is once again key, so stick to a specific style of pattern to create a sense of cohesion in the area. You can also vary this pattern type seasonally as a way of refreshing your interior.

 Don’t be afraid to layer

 When done correctly, the layering of colour and pattern can create a stand-out interior impression that lasts.

Keeping simplicity at the forefront of your mind, experiment with layering the scale of pattern and print. Think about how your colours and prints complement each other and look to capitalise on this. Mixing woven fabrics with block statement colours, for example, is an effective way of adding depth to a room, while the strength of graphic and geometric patterns are best emphasised by complementing architectural bold colours.

How to Embrace Bold Prints and Colour in Your Home

It’s easy to avoid the use of bold prints and colours in your interior approach in favour of a tried and tested way, but by following these 3 tips you’ll have a unique statement interior that brings a fresh new dimension to your home design.

Author bio:

Shuayb Patel works at OWO Living, specialists in stylish home furniture and beds.

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