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Welcome to Milan, the best intersection of art, design, and fashion in the entire world. Let yourself be inspired by the old city history: every corner, every cobblestone will speak to you and tell you stories of creativity, inventiveness, and artistic passion. And between an aperitivo and a spritz, you could even see the sun between the grey palette of Milan (it’s true, the favorite color of the city is grey!). But today, we want to give you the perfect opportunity to finally tour Milan: Miart 2019 event, the most comprehensive art fair where contemporary and modern art creates an indissoluble connection with each other and limited-edition design. This 2019 edition claimed the motto “Hold everything dear” from the poem of Gareth Evans: it refers to the art’s power of changing our points of view and opening our mind set to become more active and conscious actors of our time. Do you want to more about Miart 2019, don’t you? Keep reading our MIART 2019 EVENT GUIDE!

exhibition of miart 2019 event guide



fieramilanocity of miart 2019 event guide

Not really an art exhibition but a trade fair where all kind of art can express themselves, the Miart 2019 will present 185 projects promoted by art galleries from 19 countries: they will reunite at the event from April 5th to 7th at Fieramilanocity (pav. 3, gate 5).


MIARTALKS.THE COMMON GOOD miartalks of miart 2019 event guide

For three days, more than 40 international artists, curators, designers, directors and other more, will participate in panel and discussion about the central topic “The common good” and all the result ramifications: how common good has been created in the past and all its possibilities in the future, in connection with the three main characters of the fair (contemporary art, modern art, and design). Don’t miss Miartalks, one of the most interesting events of our MIART 2019 EVENT GUIDE!


horizon of miart 2019 event guide

Horizon is a new visual campaign – exclusive if this 2019 edition – that started in September 2018: like the fair is opened to all kind of communication types, the campaign uses a cinematographic picture style story depicting adolescents during a typical summer’s day. The metaphoric connection between youngsters and art is really strong: just as adolescence is the age of discoveries and openness toward life’s novelties, so the art’s attitude requires a dialogue with the world and its manifestations. A must-see event of our MIART 2019 EVENT GUIDE!

padillon at fieramilanocity of miart 2019 event guide

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