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Upgrade Your Decor With These Amazing Bedroom Ideas 


Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in our home. It’s where we relax and recharge, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have our full attention. But before even think of shopping to upgrade your bedroom design, consider these helpful ideas to make your space more luxurious.


Dining Tables GIF Boca do Lobo

Statement Pieces

A dark wood bed frame; a gorgeous gilded dresser; a velvet armchair—each bedroom design has its own centerpiece, but make sure it’s the room’s focus. Don’t clutter the room with too much furniture, instead of letting each piece stand on its own.

A good way to keep your values safe, as well as add flair to your bedroom design, is to include a statement safe like Boca do Lobo’s Millionaire or Boheme.

Rethink your nightstand

The usual nightstand is a hodgepodge of essential items: Hand creams, charging cords, half-full glasses of water, quarter-finished novels. It’s time to rethink how that’s all displayed. Hide some things away in a drawer; display small items in a beautiful tray.

Look for pieces of art that enhance your room

Demonstrate your style with a statement piece of artwork, whether it’s a sculpture, photograph, or colorful painting. While it can certainly be displayed on a wall, leaning your favorite piece against a wall can be just as powerful.

You can even add a personal touch, by incorporating functional objects that double as home accessories, such as a luxurious watch winder.

Keep the floor empty

Granted, this is more of an organization and cleanliness tip, but don’t let that belie its importance: A cluttered bedroom never looks luxurious, so keep the floor clean and orderly—that means no stacks of books and piles of extension cords, either.

Ditch Your Vanity For a Sideboard

Vanities are a thing of the past that better suit your closet or even bathroom design, rather than your modern bedroom.

Opt for a contemporary sideboard, that combines a contemporary look with the storage you may lack in your master bedroom.


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