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High Point Market Style Report for Summer – Fall 2016

The High Point Market Authority (HPMA) has released this season’s much anticipated High Point Market Style Report for Summer/Fall 2016.

The High Point Market Style Report was developed by eight home fashion gurus, all part of the HPMA’s 2016 Style Spotters team, who scoured the Spring High Point Market (April 16-20) for the hottest must-have items and then translated their picks into today’s top trends.

High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

The Style Spotters program, launched during the October 2011 Market, features home fashion pace setters that showcase their favorite products and top trends from High Point Market exhibitors via Pinterest, the at-Market Style Spotters LIVE! event, the High Point Market Style Report and various media interviews.

“Twenty five autumns ago, as a recent college graduate, I first felt the magic of High Point Market. I fell in love with the beautiful furniture, artwork and exquisite objects, the gracious town, its charming southern hospitality, and long heritage in American furniture. This same mesmerizing High Point Market magic was still with me at the Spring 2016 show. Tantalizing new furnishings, distinctive finishes, gorgeous fabrics, incredible educational seminars, and enjoyable networking parties reenergized me with creative ideas to bring home to our clients!

The prestigious tastemakers of our 2016 Style Spotters team also had a blast. With a unique perspective based on their own design style and preferences, each has selected the top trends from Spring Market. Please enjoy this special, curated collection of styles for the new season – and join us this autumn for another magical Market!”

Michelle Jennings Wiebe, ASID
Studio M President
Style Spotter Emeritus
High Point Market Board Member

Twitter: https://twitter.com/studiom_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studiom_/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/studiom/

High Point Market Style Report

High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

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High Point Market Style Report

A cultural enthusiast and passionate entrepreneur, Malene collaborates with international artisans to create handcrafted custom carpets, inspired wallcoverings, and artisan tiles for her company, Malene B. Her luxe creations have enlivened premier hotels, iconic office buildings, and sophisticated private spaces.

Island Style Living

The idea of relaxing in a Caribbean villa was prevalent in many collections. Jute, a natural fiber found in many parts of the world, was one of the material highlights of Market. Traditionally known for its use in furniture the fiber is now given new life as it is woven into interesting geometric patterns reminiscent of macrame and string art, and used in lamps, chandeliers, accent tables, artwork and mirrors.

High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns were everywhere, and their prominence indicated that companies are not afraid to express a love of pattern. Techniques, ranging from hand-carved and patchwork to laser cut, each expressed a different aesthetic, but all in a modern style.High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Currently working in Dubai as Interior Design Manager for Ellington, and with a resume that includes stops in Montreal and Manhattan, Western Alberta, Qatar and the UAE, Laura brings a truly global perspective to this year’s team. LEED accredited since 2006, she has a thorough understanding of green building, and enjoys visiting factories to see construction and finishing techniques firsthand.

Re-Styled Circles

Beautiful, round forms permeated so many collections this season. Top trendsetter Kelly Wearstler mixed materials in pieces of a playful scale, accented in rounded forms and contemporary polka dots. EJ Victor showcased the round-loving Wearstler and Kate Spade. Palecek played with scale, mixed materials, and light in their new Calypso wall piece (my personal favorite). Arteriors showed a stool in a heavy, strong scale that still felt petite. Michael Berman’s gorgeous collection for Theodore Alexander included a simple and elegant deconstructed sphere lamp, perfectly scaled for a dining table. And the new Cooper mirror from Noir presented a great proportion of spheres.


High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016
High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Sharp and Masculine

Masculine interiors, inspired by the emergence of men being more involved in the home, have dominated a trend toward more masculine forms. Sharp and calculated, masculine pieces were all over Spring Market. At Arteriors, shapes, hardware, materials, and colours all showed a masculine aesthetic. Bolier & Co. showed a stacking collection of Rottet lacquer side tables that were perfect for every corner. Dupuis Design Collective was on point (no pun intended) with strict, angular forms in metal, wood and marble.High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Man Made

Our passion for tactility is being awakened in products that feature rough and inconsistent finishes, and surfaces you can run your hands down, following the hands that made them. The Bernhardt Halden console is elegant and simple but makes a great statement. The District Eight football table makes a perfect focal point for a game room. Hickory Chair’s small Marais Bench can hide and showcase shadows in any room. Made Goods dominates this trend with nearly half their collection being rough, forged, or created with strong materials and bold forms.


High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

One of Traditional Home’s “10 New Trad” designers for 2015, Marie is an award winning interior designer whose passion and achievements have positioned her as one of the nation’s best. Drawing from her roots and education in commercial architecture, she excels in the integration of interior and structure, and makes her mark with a personal touch of refined elegance and innovative simplicity.

The Softer Side of Spring [Market]

We’ve spent years embracing the strength and power that industrial elements deliver to a space, but Spring Market was all about getting in touch with the softer side of design. Showrooms flaunted combinations of lustrous gold and creamy white, and featured furnishings with sculptural, curved silhouettes in unexpectedly serene color palettes (think muted shades of blush and lavender), topped with subtle metal accents in multilayered antique finishes. Poised and graceful, these pieces lit up the room, providing the return to a timeless and sophisticated sense of femininity we’ve all been waiting for.

3 High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Texture Trove

Texture is essential to exceptional design and there was no lack of it at Market! I left dreaming of woven natural fibers and handsomely burled wood. I particularly enjoyed seeing the techniques used to create exquisite texture where it doesn’t naturally exist, such as wire-brushing and back-painted or back-textured glass. New to the scene is plaster, which is popping up everywhere from lighting to décor. Light and airy, it lends a casual California vibe to heavier, more structured pieces, and I love that it can be reinforced with resin for furnishings that call for increased strength and durability.

3a High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Revel in Reinvention

I believe the saying goes, “If you don’t learn from the past, you’re destined to repeat it,” and Spring Market revealed that we’ve learned, loved, and elected to repeat. Showrooms were teeming with revivals and it was remarkable to see century-old styles being subtly transformed through the use of contemporary textiles and finishes. I was particularly drawn to the streamlined mid-century modern pieces, European antique reproductions, and vintage Oushak rugs that were cleverly repurposed to serve as upholstery. These hybrid pieces add a remarkable touch to any design, creating modern spaces that share a stylish and richly-layered story.

3b High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Inspired by the idea that “How you shape your space will shape your day™,” Brynn believes that the power of a well designed interior goes beyond an aesthetic transformation to deliver an incredible impact on individuals who live, work or interact with the space.

The New Old: Antique and Vintage Resurgence

There is a strong trend toward vintage looks with unique contemporary updates. The Deniot Iron Eye Credenza for Baker Furniture is a deconstructed Louis XVI dresser. Lucite and brass pulls modernize an 18th century English commode in Gabby Home’s Hazel Chest. Noir’s Palazzo Chandelier nods to a timeless Venini, then takes an industrial turn with brass and exposed screw details. Visual Comfort revived Sciolari in its Emile Pendant, and Regina Andrew tipped its hat to Willy Daro in the Gold Exhibit Agate Lamp. As this Market showed, taking cues from the past is always en-vogue when looking toward the future.

4 High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Animal Instinct: Refined Skins and Hides

Shagreen, vellum, and hair on hide were a huge hit in designs that wowed by wrapping the entire piece. Bernhardt’s Parkin Drawer Chest stunned in gray hair on hide with polished nickel details. Mr. Brown’s Belmondo Table, enveloped in striking shagreen, went ultimate luxe with brass branding and rivet details. Metal and mirror dazzled in the jewel-toned Custom Brooklyn table from Julian Chichester. Interlude couldn’t stick to just one skin, offering their Winslet Spool Table in shagreen or natural vellum. Our animal instincts tell us this trend is likely to stay awhile.

4a High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

From her home base in Los Angeles, Anne brings her signature smart yet stylish approach to fashion, interiors, entertaining and more. Anne began her career working as a consumer strategist in Manhattan, and has developed into a full-time content creator. In 2010 she co-founded the online lifestyle Rue Magazine, and she now contributes regularly to a range of media outlets.

Return of Rattan

The hallmarks of 70’s design were everywhere this year, in particular with the strong presence of rattan throughout the showrooms. Updated takes on construction and finishing helped the material feel less retro and more refined, with graphic and architectural weaving techniques creating show stopping patterns as memorable as the pieces they defined. Oversized scales and proportions, as well as its presence even in sleek modern settings, confirm that rattan has arrived in the new millennium.

5 High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Green is the New Black

A distinctive shade of deep, inky green played the role of a neutral in all furniture and decor applications this Market. Neither decidedly warm nor cool, this versatile hue can easily take the place of black or navy, and it easily veers traditional, glam, industrial, or beyond. From applications in leather furniture to ceramic decor, vinyl wall coverings to wool rugs, this green forms a solid foundation for any palette – all while imparting an earthy note of mystery everywhere it goes.

5a High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Based in Houston, Texas, Laura is best known for her luxurious, livable interiors. Her signature Classically Current© style has gained global recognition for bridging the gap between high design and practical living. She combines clean lines with an unexpected infusion of color to create a comfortable, yet bold, aesthetic.

Mid Century: Deco & Chinoiserie

I loved the new vintage looks at Spring Market! Chinoiserie – traditional and subtly contemporary – was on point, making appearances everywhere from entire walls, to furnishings, to detailed accessories. Lucite and brightly colored lacquer brought a new look to 18th century inspired designs. Another classic look – the oh-so glamourous art deco – is also currently en vogue. I saw a multitude of fabulously updated channel tufted upholstered pieces and cane furniture, inspired by French style of the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Accent pieces like bar cabinets and materials such as burl wood, added character to new collections.

6 High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Crystalline Forms

Showrooms were filled with geodes, quartz, and geometric shapes. Natural stones and faceted forms sparkled, hexagonal ottomans were sharp yet plush, and mirrors were kaleidoscopic! Natural crystals were often used as an independent accessory on tables and shelves, but were also incorporated on many different light fixtures, such as table lamps and chandeliers. Pieces like the Popova Mirror and Desdemona console table were a more contemporary take on the traditional crystalline material.

6a High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

New Surfaces

Everywhere I looked, case goods were covered in gorgeous textures! Wrappings were on everything from small drawer hardware to entire dining tables. Materials like grass cloth, shagreen, parchment, and vellum were turning what would be just a chest or table into a statement piece. While neutral colors on the textured surfaces were popular, I loved the incorporation of bright hues as a way to bring a completely unique element into a room.

6b High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Interior designer, spokesperson, and speaker, Erika started in the design-build industry as an accountant. Following her passion, she created Erika Ward Interiors, a highly successful business, named as a top design firm by Atlanta Tribune for two consecutive years. Her influential voice has led to marketing collaborations with leading brands such as Home Depot, S.C. Johnson, and Beazer Homes.

Scalloped Edges

It seems that we can’t get enough of organic forms. And while it seems impossible to compete with the perfection of nature, it can be almost comical to find fine furnishings carrying the likeness of our favorite freshwater species. The curvaceous scallop motif made a splash at Spring High Point Market, gracing door panels on stately sideboards, borders of elegant entry tables, and silhouettes of sassy side chairs. On case goods, scalloped edges donned metallic finishes, suggesting the stunning iridescence of fish scales. On upholstery, metal nailhead tacks added polish and panache while repeating the movement of this classic, feminine form.

High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

7 High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

Eternal Florals

“I paint flowers so they will not die” is a beloved quote by Frida Kahlo that captures the love an artist has for beautiful blooms. During Spring Market, I encountered vendors with a similar affection for the eternal preservation of flowers. Eternal florals, crafted from copper, bronze, German steel, or even crystals and precious stones, adorned everything from lamps and accessories to chairs and wall décor. Unlike the fragrant flowers of spring, these botanical forms offer a lifetime of enjoyment for the owner – and for generations to come.

7a High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

A Southerner with a deep rooted connection to Scotland, who currently lives in San Francisco, Scot is renowned for his timeless design and magnetic personality. An interior design icon, his signature style highlights European and Southern sensibilities, sartorial influences, and bold prints, is inspired by his heritage, informed by 13 years of experience working with Ralph Lauren, and expressed in commercial and residential projects across the United States.

Colour Makes the World Go Around

From the sexy, saturated hues at Lillian August, or the piercing colours at Thibaut, to the bright, peppy prints at CR Laine, you couldn’t turn around at any point at Market and not be dazzled with a parade of turquoise, jade, or citron. Printed on everything cotton to velvet to linen, this season’s palette made the showrooms come alive with interest and personality.

8 High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

The Frontal Plane

Everything seemed to have depth at Market, as a sculptured look arrived in chests, servers, and consoles. Case goods came alive as light played across the front face of cabinet drawers and console doors. Pieces from Stanley Furniture and by Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair, took on distinct interest as depth added a new dimension to what is often the plain face of a cabinet or dresser. Sometimes as simple as applied moldings and jewelry-inspired hardware – others as complex as geodesic shapes – these new details brought a touch of the amazing to many of this season’s pieces.

8a High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

High Point Market Style Report for Summer - Fall 2016

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