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What’s On For Decorex 2016 Edition


What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition – Know where to go or what to see in the event.


Decorex International is one of the most renowned event in the field of Interior Design, having a long standing reputation of 39 years exhibiting luxury and coveted products of an impressive collection of 400 hand-selected exhibitors – each year. 2016 will be no different, being dedicated to the ‘Roots of Design’. It will happen from 18th Sep to the 21st Sep at the Syon Park, London and here’s our suggestion to the event.

Future Heritage

Exclusively for 2016, this select group of makers will be presenting new work and processes that can be commissioned by interior designers and architects for use in their projects, such as lighting, flooring, and sound absorbent, fire resistant textiles.

All of the designer/maker practices have been chosen for their innovation and mastery across a range of craft skills from ceramics to electronics and all will be creating new work especially for Decorex. This includes the mixing of craft and technology in the pieces of Silo Studio, as well as intriguing ceramic and glass lighting installations by Vezzini & Chen, for example.

See our highlight for the important design makers.


Phil Cuttance

Cuttance constructs all of his prototypes from scratch and values the hands-on creation process as a source of ideas and knowledge. His latest work is driven by the idea of making things himself, in relatively small batches, and trying to add value to the objects he creates by making each object unique.

What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition

He is interested in creating objects whose form, often detailed and visually complex, belies the hand-made, lo-fi processes by which they are created. On closer inspection the objects often reveal small imperfections, which are a result of the process and communicate the hand-made nature of the piece. Some of his objects are often assumed to be made by 3D printing, or CNC routing, but they are all handmade.

What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition

Silo Studio

Silo Studio is the design collaboration of Attue Aparicio Torinos and Oscar Lessing, who formed the partnership while studying on the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art, London, from 2009 to 2011.

What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition

Coming from backgrounds in engineering and design, the core of Silo’s work is to look at industrial processes and materials, bringing them into the studio to develop. By adopting a hands-on approach which they refer to as ‘Handmade hi-tech’, they aim to discover possibilities that the production line does not see, developing the expressive potential in industrial materials. A mix of craft and technology.

What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition

Vezzini & Chen

Vezzini & Chen’s work is defined by the artful marriage of hand carved ceramics and blown glass. The collections tread a fine line between functional and conceptual, with the design duo creating sculptural hand crafted lighting, glassware, interior accessories and installation pieces.

What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition

What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition

Vezzini & Chen bring two aesthetic worlds together, combining fluid forms with intricate detail, repetition, texture and geometry. Light plays a central role within the work, the designers drawing on their experience of diving, seeing the refraction of light underwater and its reflections on coral and marine life. Within the collection light is diffused through the ceramic and glass, creating a rich interaction between the materials and components, bringing the pieces to life.

What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition


Seminar Designing your Future Heritage

The commissions of today become the inheritance pieces of tomorrow.  A discussion on why and how to commission contemporary bespoke designs. As humans we are hardwired to appreciate stories, they add value and enjoyment to objects in daily use. By  commissioning works by contemporary makers, interior designers can enhance the experience of their clients and create added value to their projects.

Corinne Julius, design critic, curator and the expert voice behind Decorex’s Future Heritage chairs the discussion. She is joined by Sean Sutcliffe, co-founder of Benchmark, one of the UK’s leading bespoke furniture makers; Sebastian Cox,  furniture designer and craftsman of fine objects from sustainable hardwoods and acclaimed interior designer, Suzy Hoodless. Corinne Julius says “The Duke of Devonshire always says when asked about his commissioning of contemporary craft  for Chatsworth, that the historic pieces in the collection that visitors now so enjoy, were the contemporary purchases of his predecessors.” The seminar is Scheduled for 18th Sep at 2 p.m.


Last but no least, the Champagne Bar

Decorex’s Champagne Bar is always the talking point of the show and a must-see installation for all. This year you can relax, unwind and socialize with friends, in a beautifully designed space that will reinterpret classical architecture for a modern audience. The studio responsible for it is 1508 London.

Established in 2010, the 1508 London based design studio already has a number of award-winning, high-profile commercial and residential developments in its portfolio, and we’re excited that the centerpiece of Decorex International will be added to 1508 London’s highly acclaimed design collection.

Here we share one of the most notable projects from the Studio, the Pearl.

What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition-up

What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition

What’s on for Decorex 2016 edition


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(Source: Decorex)

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