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Bathroom Trends 2022/2023 : The Hottest Tile Ideas


Bathroom Trends 2022/2023

 Bathtubs and washbasins are usually the focus when thinking about bathroom remodeling. But it seems that in 2023 tiles will be king! Bespoke and art-inspired patterns, handmade finishes, exotic colors, and shapes – come in power on the world’s design scene of late. The unexpected color combinations and mismatched tile patterns, contrasting hues, and unexpected forms seem to be the hit of this creative season.


Bathroom Trends 2021/2022: The Hottest Tile Ideas

Manuel Aires Mateus

The rough surface of the tiles may be a bit challenging for wet-zone floors, but the handmade glazed zellige tiles from Morocco that are charmingly imperfect are such a beautiful addition to a bathroom space that is hard to resist. Vibrant looking hand-crafted tiles form rich textural surfaces a perfect bohemian addition with an artistic spin for your bathroom project.

Bathroom Trends 2021/2022: The Hottest Tile Ideas

Mandarin Stone

The bohemian richness in color and materials – emerald green with a shining glaze is perfectly matched by brass fixtures and decor elements. The subway tile rectangular shape is perfect for small bathrooms – it will make them appear roomier. The great color and textural variations of that trend on the modern design scene will help you choose the most suitable for your style. And you can jazz it up, there is no need to follow the boring old pattern of arranging rectangular tiles, give them some dynamic some new play.

Bathroom Trends 2021/2022: The Hottest Tile Ideas

Mandarin Stone

Experimental colors, textures, or shapes are not all that the tile design world has to offer, no, now the artistic shape develops in three dimensions. Yes, tiles are raising their profile and adding extra dimensions to our wet rooms. The new hot trend offers sculptural tiles in ceramic and porcelain that will add a layer of interesting texture to your bathrooms.




Bathroom Trends 2021/2022: The Hottest Tile Ideas

Newquay Beach Hotel

When applying sculptural tiles, your best bet probably is to use a neutral color palette to keep the sophisticated vibe going and not to overwhelm the senses with 3D richens and color explosions. But you can take the trendy sculptural tiles all the way up to the ceiling and make a dramatic statement that way. But, don’t worry, there are no color restrictions when it comes to the ordinary tile compositions, here the play is in shapes, patterns, and colors – so, enjoy it fully.


If there is a room that deserves a little extra luxury, that’s the bathroom and Maison Valentina knows it well. The image below is a good example of how to go over the top with designing sumptuous bathrooms, fit for royalty. And if the tiles on the wall are just incredible, the countertop tiles are the ones really catching our eye! If you like that specific pattern, you will most certainly fall for the Tortoise Collection, by Maison Valentina.

Maison Valentina

Newton Bathtub, by Maison Valentina, features a single-slipper style shape, a timeless detail that conveys comfort. It has a distinctive curved lip, made out of gold plated casted iron, revealing a golden interior. The high-gloss black and gold lacquered brass spheres make the perfect combination to make this a sculptural and artistic piece. Newton is an outstanding moment of design inspiration.



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