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Exhibitors at 100% Design 2017

Exhibitors To Keep in the Agenda at 100% Design 2017


See what to expect from the exhibitors of this edition!

So, as you may already know from previous articles, 100% Design London is the largest furniture trade show for architects and interior designers from UK. The design event has five different sections and a wide range of exhibitors ready to present their products.

Let’s meet some brands that will be at 100% Design, 2017!

Exhibitors at 100% Design 2017

Delightfull lighting  brand shows a personality, a frame of mind and emotions that can be found in each detail of the pieces! Their exquisite pieces are not just ordinary lighting items, but they offer a strong design presence in every space, thanks to their unique designs!

Delightfull’s collections have suspensions lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps, designed to create a different ambience for every space!

Exhibitors at 100% Design 2017

Essential Home is a mid-century furniture brand that cannot be missed at 100% Design 2017! The mix between feminine and masculine, classic and contemporary, high and low makes the products be totally irresistible! The combination of colors, materials and style evocates the style between 30’s and 60’s!


Bethany Luscombe is a recent graduate from Kingston University and her emerging brand’s products are inspired by the modern behaviours. The products are designed for everyday use and for simplifying our daily life!

‘Llai’ is a furniture item that has multiplace purposes. It is at the same time a sofa, dining table and desk space! The merge between the two elements creates a new way of living as it creates a space optimisation.

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Exhibitors at 100% Design 2017


The Fikissimo brand is a production branch of a company that for over 100 years has been working with materials as cement, iron, lime and wood through the work of designers, architects and skilled craftsmen.

The brand’s aim is to create decorative concrete furniture with a contemporary and creative design! Each product is customized so no creation is the same to another one.

Exhibitors at 100% Design 2017


Bow&Arrow is working in collaboration with some of the most talented Portuguese designers in order to produce upholstery and luxurious sofas. In oder to create unique products, there are used together craft, sewing techniques and industrial design

The distinct style of these interior design products are created by a volumes, colors and names of the products which are all linked to the nature!

Exhibitors at 100% Design 2017

Kinnarps’s mission is to design the workspace of the future in a sustainable manner, contributing to make the life easier at the work place. As work is constantly changing, also the workspaces need change. The business workspace has to meet the needs of the diverse range of employees. Kinnarps comes with solutions to customize office furniture according to everyone’s needs!

In order to see the full list of exhibitors, access 100% Design’s website!

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