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Top 5 Interior Designers at BDNY 2016


Top 5 Interior Designers at BDNY 2016 – BDNY brings interior designers, architects, purchasing agents of high-caliber design elements for hospitality interiors.

The month of November will be the month of design. Events such as BDNY 2016 and EquipHotel  will take place in the capitals of fashion and design like Paris and New York, to create environments where interior designers an architects from all over the world can get together and expose their projects. Today we will focus on Boutique Design New York (BDNY) , the leading trade fair and conference for hospitality interiors that will start at the upcoming 13th of November.

Top 5 Interior Designers at BDNY 2016

To choose only 5 Interior Designers at BDNY was not an easy task since the list goes on and on. The event will be rich with design experts that are unique and extremely talented. However, these were the ones that, in our humble opinion, stood out more:


Top 5 Interior Designers at BDNY 2016

DelightFULL is one of our favorite lighting design brands ever.  Their pieces reflect a personality, a state of mind and strong emotions that are present in every detail. Their handcrafted pieces transmit the passion and devotion of their work. DelightFull has a broad selection of high quality lighting designs that are inspired by the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s Soul and Jazz. DelightFULL manages to combine history, music and creativity in one piece.


Top 5 Interior Designers at BDNY 2016

“As life gets faster and more complex, the need for quality time and space – the freedom to be you – grows too “ becomes the inspiration and way of working at Gloster. The brand focuses on building beautiful exteriors where the furniture sets the mood. Using only the very best materials and techniques, Gloster’s production is characterized by transparency and honesty. The fact that they only harvest what they planted makes them understand their resources perfectly and create one of a kind, high quality furniture.


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Ego Paris

Top 5 Interior Designers at BDNY 2016

EGO Paris is a brand driven by the passion of human relationship.  Their ambition is to deliver experiences of the outdoor space with authenticity, a spirit of conviviality and liberation from social constraints.  Their projects are unique and a true reflection of human diversity. The value “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different” became the source of inspiration on the development of high-quality, creative home furnishings.

Elite Modern

Top 5 Interior Designers at BDNY 2016

Elite Modern uses a sophisticated combination of materials including brushed stainless steel, powder coated metals, solid woods and veneers available in numerous finish options.  They have been producing innovative and exceptional modern furnishings in the USA since 1988. They are very strict in terms of production, controlling every phase, from the product design, development to the final delivery. This made Elite‘s reputation grow for its outstanding work and production of reliable, modern pieces.  Elite’s collections cover a wide variety of needs providing furniture for every space and occasion.

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Garden on the Wall

Top 5 Interior Designers at BDNY 2016

Garden on the Wall has one of the most intriguing concepts in the world of interior design. Their projects consist in incorporating natural greenery into stunning decorative walls. Nature is known to lift our spirits and to provide unique color patterns. The mission is to diminish that so called “barrier” that separates the indoors from outdoors to bring man closer to nature and, perhaps, closer to peace.

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