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Interview with Portuguese Luxury Brand Ana Roque Interiors


A little chat  Ana Roque Interiors, a portuguese luxury brand that conquered Maison Objet Paris 2017

You may have heard about this name before here at My Design Agenda, so you might know that we have been following their work for a while now, and to be honest, it’s impossible not to!  Ana Roque Interiors is a portuguese luxury brand that specializes in handmade furniture and lighting using only high quality materials and elegant aesthetics.

The brand was present at Maison et Objet Paris 2017 last week and we took the opportunity to have a small chat with Ana Roque, lead designer and founder of this incredible team, to explore a little bit more about their work and their vision.

Take a look.

Ana Roque interiors is a recognize design brand with presence in several countries. What would you consider to be the reason of such success?

Persistence for innovation. Since the company was founded in 1996 Ana Roque knew that in order to thrive we must adapt the constant change on global trends. It was a determination to have an ongoing alignment with leading international fashion trends and the constant creation of new design concepts that allowed the brand to endure. Obviously to have such tenacity and versatility and to write more than 20 years of history it was absolutely crucial to have a unique and experienced set of Human Resources that turned out to be the main competitive advantage for Ana Roque Interiors Brand.

Interview with Portuguese Luxury Brand Ana Roque Interiors

How would you describe your style? What is the signature touch of Ana Roque Interiors?

Ana Roque Interiors is an elegant and sophisticated design brand. I think that’s our style: elegance and sophistication. We work to make our pieces timeless and this is only possible thanks to our minimalist’s design that with some details can make the difference and confers the brand signature.

The capacity to ally the esthetical beauty with the functional component to our customer’s daily life is what make the difference. In addition, we do a complete service since the design until the distribution, and our focus is always the costumer interests. The products quality is also important, and our clients frequently show admiration about the manufacture production process.

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Interview with Portuguese Luxury Brand Ana Roque Interiors

The interior design market is not easy. Where do you get inspiration for your projects?

Our inspiration comes from our team members, from our experience, preferences and searching. We all take some inspiration from the 20th Century furniture design, and then we re-invent the style in new pieces that can better respond to our client’s needs. Sometimes the client and his own style is what inspire us. We search a lot, but in truth the inspirations comes always from us and from the client experience. The fact that we as a team with different people make the team work more powerful, by several experiences, visions, and ways of thinking. In that way we try to transform, re-redesign, and always create something new.

Interview with Portuguese Luxury Brand Ana Roque Interiors

What would you say it was Ana Roque Interiors best project?

We made many projects during the brand life, but it’s difficult to say what the best one is. We try to do always great projects, and the best project is the one that we can conciliate the brand values with the client’s needs. And if we can conciliate that, and make a harmonious, sophisticated and functional project, that is our perfect project.

Interview with Portuguese Luxury Brand Ana Roque Interiors

What can you tell us about Ana Roque Interiors here at Maison et Objet Paris?

You can expect, as always, quality and detail attention. This year, the new is the irreverence in our ambiances and products. Our stand is bigger, and the strong, luxurious, and exuberant colour make the difference. It is extremely easy to identify Ana Roque’s stand.

Here, at Maison et Objet you can see our new products with Ana Roque signature. We can assure you that this new collection has a lot of glamour and elegance.

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