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Luxury Design Brand Koket Launches Impressive Chandelier Collection


The Prestigious Luxury Design Brand Koket and its unique Chandelier Collection

Lighting is probably the big deal when it comes to interior design, and, especially in the luxury industry. Designers have shown their preference for extravagant shapes and unique chandeliers to create outstanding hotels and residences for the most sophisticated market. Today at My Design Agenda, we decided to show you the radiant Chandelier Collection by Koket, a fierce luxury design brand that is conquering the hearts of designers all around the world.

Luxury Design Brand Koket Launches Impressive Chandelier Collection

We  already mentioned this brand in our blog before, but we felt the need to remind the amazing work that is developed by Koket‘s team. What truly makes us fall on our knees is the fact that Koket is not afraid to be bold and show personality, in a world where minimalism and simple shapes have become famous.

“I’m comfortable taking risks —and often, turning heads and commanding attention.”   Janet Morais, Koket’s Founder

KOKET’s chandelier collection conveys an empowering yet feminine approach of the brand’s luxury design aesthetics. The brand produces uncommon lighting designs using crystals and high quality materials to enhance the overall look. Recently they came up with three collections that have shaken our hearts and the lighting design industry.


Luxury Design Brand Koket Launches Impressive Chandelier Collection

The timeless Eternity has several design options including three different chandelier designs and two pendants. The elegant silhouettes of these chandeliers take their brilliance from the skillful application of the crystals. The circles are individually wrapped in brass and placed with astonishing attention to detail. With either black, clear or amber crystals, the end result is a radiant source of light!


Luxury Design Brand Koket Launches Impressive Chandelier Collection

Their Nymph chandelier portrays delicate metal butterflies hover in the air composing an overblown, dramatic silhouette. This stunning lighting fixture embraces the wildness and at the same time, the innocence resulting in a luxurious, bold chandelier for the most sophisticated ambiances.

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Luxury Design Brand Koket Launches Impressive Chandelier Collection

The Hypnotic chandelier is a breath of fresh air in the chandelier industry. Its unique shape will hypnotize every audience easily, at least it did to us. It has a dazzling design within sharp polished lines of an hexagonal silhouette. Its canopy features graceful metal detailing pattern mounted on sleek lacquered wood. Impressive.

Koket is usually known for their unique furniture design, and rarely we ever talk about their chandelier collection, but as you can see, these are probably one of the most revolutionary designs in the lighting industry. What we particularly loved about these collections is the fact that from the same brand, you can expect completely opposite definitions of luxury design.

Luxury Design Brand Koket Launches Impressive Chandelier Collection

The brand has attended major design events such as Maison et Objet Paris and has been gaining reputation in the United States, Russia and Europe.

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