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Maison et Objet Paris: Preview of January 2017 Inspirations Space


Next Edition of Maison et Objet Paris will explore the World of Silence!

Opening doors this upcoming January 2017, Maison et Objet Paris will introduce us to the beauty of silence within its Inspirations Space. An authentic observatory of art and design to explore the soothing world of silence, in a place where it seems no longer possible.

Our everyday lives consist in constant exchange of information, images, noises and that’s why home decoration and interior design will need to answer the need for calm and relaxation by proposing new ways of living and being. Architects are exploring soundproofing solutions and designers are tackling new ways of shutting oneself  from the world. Silence has become so rare that is now considered a luxurious element within the industry, and this space will provide the most suitable journey to discover serenity and simplicity.


The layout of  Maison et Objet Paris’s  Inspirations Space will allow to explore a contemporary take on ways to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. The visitors will experience a progressive journey through different spaces where each one of them reveals different types of silence. The special Libratone headphones will immerse visitors in the audible landscape of nature and reveal sounds that we are no longer used to hearing. The visit also includes a space with a video by Cécile Letalec and a zone entirely set aside for contemplation.

Maison et Objet Paris: Preview of January 2017 Inspirations Space

Maison et Objet Paris: Preview of January 2017 Inspirations Space

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Silence is traditionally associated to the colors Black and White and that is precisely the meaning behind the two main silent rooms. First there is a white library entirely covered with veils, books, hand made ceramics and Nadia Gallardo‘s paper creations. To complement and add an opposite element to the theme, the second room is displayed in black to express the mysteries of the night. The color blue has also been used based on the idea of dream and water.

Maison et Objet Paris: Preview of January 2017 Inspirations Space

The Inspirations Space will display restful functions and everyday objects that are designed to make time for gestures. Expect to see utensils from the Japanese Tea Ceremony like the Mu Cedar Board by Native & Co and  Michael Anastassiades’ Meditation Stools. The contemplation zone has around eight cells that are similar to monk cells and a wide window that looks over a landscape.

Maison et Objet Paris: Preview of January 2017 Inspirations Space

If you’re planning to  attend Maison et Objet Paris, make sure to step by the Inspirations Space, it will not only introduce you to a whole new world of design, where you are able to relax and enjoy the beauty of silence, but also improve your consciousness about the industry and how these objects truly influence ones self being. You should also take a look at these brands. 

Source: Maison et Objet Magazine

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