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60 Must-See Modern Dining Tables


60 Must-See Modern Dining Tables – Get inspired by the most trendy and luxurious dining tables.


In the context of Cinema, dining tables have been the perfect medium, as it seems to be the nuclear family’s setting, where they usually discuss and confront each other or use it as a place for a daily ritual – lunch and dinner, or a special one – Thanks giving or Christmas. 

Let’s look, for instance, to the movie ‘A City of Sadness’, from Hou Hsiao-hsien: the family dining table is round, or yuan, customary in chinese culture. By virtue of such suspicious elements in the home, the prospect of unity and togetherness in the family, or at least return and reunification, is enhanced.


60 Must-See Modern Dining Tables

60 Must-See Modern Dining TablesIn Citizen Kane, we have a different setting. As the scene progress, the mood changes, and the centerpieces – previously decorated with flowers, gradually become colder and more lifeless, much like their relationship. As time progresses they distance themselves from one another at breakfast, to the point where they silently sit at opposite ends of a very large dinner table.

60 Must-See Modern Dining Tables

60 Must-See Modern Dining Tables

60 Must-See Modern Dining Tables

The dining tables are definitely one of the most meaningful objects inside the dining the room, as it seems to be the focal point that sets the mood of the space, depending on the materials, shapes, heights, origin, style or intended use.

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