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5 Must-use Storage Ideas To Transform Small Spaces


If you’re moving into a small studio and don’t want to get rid of stuff here are 5 storage ideas that will help save up space!

Decorating small spaces can be the ultimate challenge for designers and decorators. I mean how to turn the space functional and beautiful when you only have a few square meters to work with? The answer most of the times is related to how you provide storage compartments to the space, adding use to simple components such as walls and floors.

There’s no need to get rid of stuff if you opt for storage solutions as sweet little assistants. To help you get inspired today we gathered a few storage ideas that will definitely transform any small space, and although some of them require a handyman, others don’t require more than a rearrangement.

Take a look below.

Wall-Mounted Seating

5 Must-use Storage Ideas To Transform Small Spaces

If your lease or budget permit it, install an adaptable chair along the wall, it will enable a innovative yet minimal interior design to the space. I mean, just imagine, a seat that doesn’t take up any space and can be used only when required… simply awesome.

Storage Under the Stairs

5 Must-use Storage Ideas To Transform Small Spaces

This is probably one of the best decor ideas for small spaces. Opt for stunning built ins like these or simply get creative with how you arrange furniture in that underutilized nook beneath the stairs. You definitely won’t regret it.

Shelf Dividers

5 Must-use Storage Ideas To Transform Small Spaces

A great way to delineate and separate different room divisions is to use shelf dividers, especially if it’s a small studio. There’s no need to be building walls anymore, a an open shelving unit will provide the extra space you need to stash things and create a unique style to the interior design.

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Peg Board Wall

5 Must-use Storage Ideas To Transform Small Spaces

For easy re-arranging, good looks, and an abundance of adjustable storage, consider a pegboard wall, like this cheerful peachy one.

Raised Platform

5 Must-use Storage Ideas To Transform Small Spaces

If your ceilings are tall enough, consider adding a raised platform to a room (or part of a room, if you’re in a loft or studio) and you’ll be able to stash all kinds of things within it: suitcases, winter coats, or even a whole extra mattress for when unexpected guests appear on your doorstep.

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