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Singular Luxury It´s Personified In Brabbu's Two New Wall Mirrors

Singular Luxury It´s Personified In Brabbu’s Two New Wall Mirrors


The definition of singular luxury is personified in the new mirrors presented by luxury brand Brabbu. Ideal for any division of your home, both the Kumi Mirror and Huli Mirror are perfect examples of simple and singular luxury pieces that immediately appeal to an everlasting wow factor.

Singular Luxury It´s Personified In Brabbu's Two New Wall Mirrors

Just like the Kumy, an oyster commonly found in Japan that stands out due to her undeniable beauty, the Kumi Mirror it’s also a shinning and singular example of pure beauty. As you can see it pays tribute to the oyster’s allure through its glossy hammered aged brass.

This decorative rectangular shaped wall mirror is, for all the reasons above, a treasure coveted by many and has the clear potential to transform your whole house into a luxury icon. This impressive smoked mirror it’s, for all of these reasons, an absolute must by decorative standards.

Singular Luxury It´s Personified In Brabbu's Two New Wall Mirrors

Presenting one new singular luxury mirror wasn’t enough for Brabbu, so that’s why they went ahead and also launched the sumptuous Huli Mirror. In case you didn’t know, Huli is a tribe from Papua New Guinea known for painting their faces yellow, red and white to impress the enemy. This ancient ritual was the inspiration behind this fabulous square mirror that’s made of matte casted brass.

As you might imagine, the Huli Mirror it is more than a wall mirror, it is a decorative item that will spice any wall of any division. Just like the Kumi Mirror, the Huli Mirror has as pure an singular trait of design that fully describes what singular luxury item should be.

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