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5 Unusual Designers You Should Look For at AD Show 2017


AD Show 2017 Will be The Perfect Experience for Unconventional Design Enthusiasts – Take a Look at our Top 5 Favorite Unusual Designers at the Event

Architectural Digest Design Show will take place in the amazing city of New York for another edition the upcoming 16th March. This major interior design event consists in  demonstrating the most diversified offer of furniture, lighting and home decor accessories from today’s top talents and designers.

AD Show 2017 will be the ultimate source for inspiration and purchase of unique designs from numerous styles, including the most unusual ones. Ad Show 2017 is a design event that allows not only recognized and established designers a great opportunity of commerce but also newborn brands.

What we particularly enjoy about AD Show is the effort and quality put in the event, besides being one of the greatest source for purchasing exclusive furniture and home decor items, it enables a better perception of the industry’s trends, networking with different designers from all corners of the earth and provides extremely interesting seminars for participants.

Today, we decided to focus on the most artistic and unusual designers in the event for those who enjoy distinctive artwork. Take a look!

Ara Levon Thorose

5 Unusual Designers You Should Look For at AD Show 2017

A Detroit based artist and unusual designer that focus on the investigation of post industrial form for the creation of objects at the intersection of art and design. Ara Levon Thorose works with extraordinary forms, he wants to establish a new style and use innovative materials to achieve it. Thorose is not afraid to play with materials and colors to create his designs, and that’s why you should look for his work at AD Show 2017 – booth M1101.

“In these fleeting moments we poeticize our worlds and experience life with and wonder. The phenomenon of spectacle is the pearl of our connection to the material world”.

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Topher Gent

5 Unusual Designers You Should Look For at AD Show 2017

Topher Gent is a mastermind in the sculptural world. Just like any great designer he creates objects and furniture as meditations on his own experiences and observations. The sculptures he creates are the spitting image of life and death that dictate the relationship between humans, objects and forms. With steel as a primary medium, the use of traditional craft and modern technology allow Topher to explore these ideas and his personal relationship to making objects. Search for his work at the stand M909.

Klash Inside

5 Unusual Designers You Should Look For at AD Show 2017

Klash Inside creates acrylic art objects that reflect and refract light. The works appear to be mere paintings but below the surface there’s a complex sculpture arrangement that draws the viewer in and transform them into stunning unusual designs. Each piece gives the sensation of luminosity without a real source of power. The paintings change when viewing different angles and varying light conditions.  Find them at the Booth M322.

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5 Unusual Designers You Should Look For at AD Show 2017

JM SZYMANSKI is all about one of a kind furniture and objects. The studio introduces radical new shapes and explores new materials and textures. The fascination with severe geometries, raw materials and unique forms make their unusual designs, incredibly beautiful to look at! They will be present at AD Show 2017 at the booth M219

Chad Wentzel

5 Unusual Designers You Should Look For at AD Show 2017

Artist and Designer, Chad Wentzel provides incredible unusual designs that are handmade with positivity to bring thoughtful sophistication and a chilled out chi to the home decor. His work is the result of a love of craft traditions, an attention to detail and a deep curiosity about mysticism and the psychedelic. Make sure to check it out at the booth M1113.

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