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Design Galleries You Can’t Miss at Art Basel 2017


The core of Art Basel is definitely in its Galleries sector. Make sure you don’t miss any of these exhibitions!

Art Basel is one of the major design events in Europe. It’s where 291 of the world’s leading design galleries are invited to gather under one roof enabling visitors an outstanding journey within the world of design and art. There you will not only find the works of over 4000 talented artists but also a full program of artworld talks.

As if it wasn’t enough, the surrounding area will also be full of exhibitions and events that are offered by several cultural institutions, creating an exciting, region-wide art week.

Art Basel‘s show core is in its Galleries sector, and of course we wouldn’t forget to talk about it. In this sensational sector, visitors have access to a wide range of contemporary works, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations, photography video and digital art.

Since the number of exhibitions is too high and we don’t want you to miss anything big, today we gathered a list of the best design galleries at the event! Take a look below.

Art: Concept

Galleries | Hall 2.1 | P5

 Design Galleries You Can't Miss at Art Basel 2017


Established in Nice in 1992 yet moved to Paris 5 years later, the Art Concept gallery represents the work of 24 international and French artists and its program includes solo exhibitions as well as group shows in collaboration with invited artists and curators.

carlier gebauer

 Galleries | Hall 2.1 | P5

 Design Galleries You Can't Miss at Art Basel 2017
Founded in 1991 by Ulrich Gebauer the Carlier Gebauer gallery reveals an affinity towards aesthetic and conceptual research in the fields of installation and of the image through the medium of film, photography, painting and drawing.

Foksal Gallery Foundation

Galleries | Hall 2.1 | K10

Design Galleries You Can't Miss at Art Basel 2017

Foksal Gallery Foundation was established in 1997 and aims at promoting contemporary Polish Art both locally and internationally and has been taking part in various art fairs since its appearance at Liste in 2000.

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Massimo De Carlo

 Galleries | Hall 2.1 | R3

Design Galleries You Can't Miss at Art Basel 2017

Massimo De Carlo gallery was founded in Milan in 1987. Its artists have all gained international recognition and have been shown in galleries, museums, and biennials in most of Europe and the USA. The gallery has played an important role in establishing a vital dialogue between its artists and national and international institutions.

Miguel Abreu Gallery

Galleries  Unlimited | Hall 2.1 | K22

Miguel Abreu gallery regularly stages one-person and curated group exhibitions, and organizes film screenings and lectures by leading philosophers and critical theorists, such as Alain Badiou, Slavoj Zizek, Quentin Meillassoux, and Reza Negarestani.

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