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Must-See Lighting Exhibitions at ISaloni 2017


If you need some lighting inspiration there’s no way you can miss ISaloni 2017

No great interior can live without lighting. This small detail can make a huge impact in any living space, since it can change the perception of space and highlight the important features easily. Lighting is also pretty important for our well being, researches show that homes with open living spaces, and great lighting source can increase happiness and good mood. And we certainly agree.

Darker spaces are often perceived as smaller, a good lighting design gives the illusion of the exact opposite, and with the help of the right elements, you can transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style. Placement and type are important aspects of interior design, and they work in conjunction with color selections, room size, availability of natural light and furniture selection.

If we keep talking about the importance of lighting, this article would probably turn into a book. If you need some lighting inspiration there’s no better place to be right now than at ISaloni 2017. The event open doors today offering a 360º product range that includes home furnishings of every style, color, category and texture. Here are the top lighting exhibitions at the event, you certainly must take time to visit!


HALL 13 – STAND H 12 H 16

Must-See Lighting Exhibitions at ISaloni 2017

DELIGHTFULL’s vision is focused on the best combination of high quality design and high quality craftsmanship. Their pieces not only illuminate interiors they also add strong design presence to a space with their unique forms.


HALL 13 – STAND H 12 H 16

Must-See Lighting Exhibitions at ISaloni 2017

The poetic design of each piece by Luxxu is inspired by magnanimous buildings and is able to transform any ambiance, leaving strong feelings.They design luxury lighting items, blending the traditional forms with a unique elegant expression.  Definitely a must!

Original BTC

HALL 15 – STAND C 43

Must-See Lighting Exhibitions at ISaloni 2017

Quality, detail and an interesting mix of materials are integral to each brand’s designs. These are created by using the best quality raw materials to their upmost capability, paying great attention to the concept and form.


HALL 15 – STAND A 37 B 34

Must-See Lighting Exhibitions at ISaloni 2017

Preciosa follows the legacy of the highest quality Bohemian Crystal in combination with 21st century cutting-edge technologies and our glass makers‘ craftsmanship. They shape centuries of dreams into light.


HALL 15 – STAND D 21 E 20

Must-See Lighting Exhibitions at ISaloni 2017

Bocci Creative Director Omer Arbel explores the intrinsic mechanical, physical, and chemical qualities of materials as fundamental departure points for making work.  All Bocci designs are developed, engineered, and fabricated in-house through an infrastructure calibrated to provide full control over technique, quality, and scale. And they’re pretty unique!

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